To each his own. To me my own.


Weeks end

Dinner at the Japanese restaurant last night was fantastic. Not only was the food excellent, but as I’d wished we got a comedian for a chef. Even as young as he was, he was professional as well as entertaining. And, my daughter thought him cute “for a japanese guy”. I caught a cucumber in my mouth for the first time, my daughter caught one in her well-endowed rack, and my guy got a sake drench. 😀 My Mom and her hubby enjoyed theirselves too.

So it appears that I won’t be making a career out of writing happy birthday on cakes. It was hilariously illegible. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? And in this case – the taste. Which if I do say so myself, was delectable.


Everything is so green outside. It’s like looking at a picture where the artist decided to lightly dab bright green paint on the tips of the barren branches. Beautiful. New. Fresh. Welcomed.

Ah, breathe it in. While you can – because pollen season will be arriving soon.

I had to get on the big scale again at work today because I still didn’t believe yesterday’s reading. Of course it read the exact same – a teeter between 132.5–133… it still seems unreal to me. Although it’s going much slower than the 2008-2009 weight loss, it’s happening nonetheless. For that, and today being Friday, I am grateful.

We’re gonna try and get that picnic and hike in this weekend. So far we’ve been juggling ideas on where to go. I personally want to go as far as possible. ♥

Thought for the day... Thank God every morning when you get up that you have something to do that day which must be done, whether you like it or not. Being forced to work, and forced to do your best, will breed in you temperance and self-control, diligence and strength of will, cheerfulness and content, and a hundred virtues which the idle never know.”  ~Charles Kingsley

Spring is here

Finally. Day one of Spring! Well, I’m just so excited… I can’t even put it into words. Forecast here is sunny all day and high of around 76 – simply optimal.

There’s so much I want to do today that everything’s a bit scrambled in my mind. Knowing that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow isn’t helping any – it puts an odd sort of urgency on the list.

Thought I’d share one of my favorite poems since it’s on the subject of the day – Spring.

For winter’s rains and ruins are over,
And all the season of snows and sins;
The days dividing lover and lover,
The light that loses, the night that wins;
And time remembered is grief forgotten,
And frosts are slain and flowers begotten,
And in green underwood and cover
Blossom by blossom the spring begins.

~Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837–1909)

This is representative of how I feel. Which is Hooray, Spring…  I’ll just call her Daisy. 😀

Fast forward

Do you know how long it’s been since I ate a morning bagel on my balcony? You remember how much I love that, right? Again, do you know how long it’s been?? Seriously, it’s been a long time… got to do it this morning. With not even a hint of cold. I’m lovin’ life.

This weekend starts my favorite time of year – the beginning of daylight savings time. We get to

Yeah I know, we lose an hour. But it’s so worth it! Because…

Oh, how I long for those lonnnnng

again. Watching as the sun touches the horizon, listening to the birds’ sweet chirps telling each other goodnight. To be kissed on the neck by a warm breeze, and lulled to sleep by the crickets.

Two words first come to mind when I see this picture. Summer. And, Happy.


I’m so thankful that Spring is finally here. Okay, for the most part anyway. I know the legal announcement doesn’t come for another week or so… I’ve waited several months for that, guess I can wait a few more days.

It’s spring fever.  That is what the name of it is.  And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!

~Mark Twain

The waves continue

It’s supposed to snow later today. So once again, I don my scarf. I’m hoping this will be the very last time I have to use my scarf. Somehow, it’s just hard for me to associate scarves with the month of March, although I know many would argue that. I associate March with the coming of Spring, kite-flying, mine and my daughter’s birthdays, and pretty pastel Easter eggs (even if the eggs are just a prequel to the month of April).

The tales of the rescue efforts in the aftermath of the Chilean earthquake are just chilling, but they consume me. I simply cannot stop reading about them. Headline story on Fox News this morning is “Tsunamis Sweep Away Entire Towns in Chile”. There seems to be much talk about the earthquake, aftershocks and rescue efforts – but there’s really not much talk about these gargantuan waves that are still taking lives.

In Talcahuano, a family sat huddled together on the floor of their seaside home. Their only light a lantern, listening to a battery-operated radio – they were warned by firefighters to remain calm and stay inside. No warnings of a tsunami, until it slammed into their house – sweeping the family under water. The home was crushed by two giant containers that came in with the sea, and the family was separated by the currents. A third container actually further prevented more family members from being drug out to sea. The family desperately tried to gather back together, and did – a mother and father, their 11-year old daughter, their 76-year old father, and a sister and their family. But still missing is their 76-year old mother.

Story after horrifying story continues. How about the group of 40 retirees vacationing at a seaside campground in the village of Pelluhue. The bus they piled into was swept out to sea, along with trucks and houses. Only five bodies have been recovered – at least 30 still remain missing. Two waves in this instance were reported to be 6 meters (18 feet) high, and a third being even higher. I cannot imagine the magnitude of these waves.

Reading stories like this just rips my heart out.

Earthquakes aren’t the only events inflicting damage, the resulting tsunamis are sweeping away homes, businesses and entire ports and towns. Through their defense minister, the country has now admitted it was a huge mistake for the Navy not to issue Tsunami warnings. There were port captains who knew enough to call warnings – in doing so they reportedly saved hundreds of lives.

I can’t help but think back to those nightmares I sometimes have of the huge tidal waves. Any issue you may have going on in your life right now cannot begin to compare to the sheer devastation and gut-wrenching grief and despair down in this country, or any country affected by a massive earthquake and it’s accompanying tsunamis. I only have to glance in front of me to see how blessed I am at this moment… and realize how quickly it could all be wiped away – in the blink of an eye.

Snowy beaches

We got a bit more snow last night. It was pretty to see, but even better is hearing it melting away outside right now. The roads were pretty bad last night, but they cleared up fairly quickly. That’s the good thing about snow vs. ice.

What’s funny about this winter weather event is the fact that it brought snow to our coastline. I couldn’t wait to get up this morning and launch the various webcam links I have along the coast. Sure enough, even the sand on the beach had snow, the waves were coming right up to the snowy sand. What a site. I would love to be at the beach someday when there’s snow, it’s such a rarity and would certainly have to be spontaneous.

Although I’ve been up since 8 this morning, getting a pretty late start to the day. Getting my hair cut in a half hour so this’ll be it for the day. Happy Weekend!!

Sweet songs

Today is deemed the most call-in sick to work day of the year, the Monday after the Superbowl. I personally would have to be on my death bed in order to make that disparaging call in to work on such a famous day for it. It’s a fact though, and I’ve already had two calls from employees. One is going to be late – and the other truly sounds like she was, well – laying on her death bed.

The birds are going nuts outside today. If you closed your eyes while walking outside you would swear it was an early Spring morning. Mating season has begun (no more appropriate time than around Valentine’s Day, huh?) and they are singing and whistling quite loudly. It’s music to my ears.

Every once in a while you get a nice little headline-making story. You’ve probably heard about the massive snowball fight in Washington, after being pounded by a snowstorm that basically shut down the entire city. Today, all federal employees have an official ‘snowday’. Well, good for them.

This massive snowball fight, I’m told, was actually organized on Facebook. What a ‘cool’ way to vent any built up frustration we may be harboring towards our government. 🙂 And, just goes to show how powerful Facebook really is. An estimated 2000 people showed up for the event, where they proceeded to split into two teams and pelt each other.

Snowball Fight in Washington

Back to the brand new workweek. Man I do live for those weekends….

Waiting to exhale

Oh my gosh, what a quiet relaxing weekend. Even the neighbors underneath me have been quiet, which is so weird that I’m almost wondering if they’re dead. I haven’t left the house since Friday night when we went out for Mexican – and the intentions are to stay a recluse for the remainder of the weekend. Hoping the sun will melt most of the ice out there! Because I surely don’t want to drive in it tomorrow morning.

Had a good breakfast this morning and watched my fave televangelist, Reverend Dollar, deliver his sermon on ‘offense’ (as in being offended by others). My honey even watched it with me. 🙂 This makes me smile. Hmm, offense. Yeah, there sure is a lot of this in the world. Remember? We live in the United States of the Offended, reference a prior blog.

Looking out at the white everywhere, the bare trees, the blustery bursts of wind, makes me (oh yes I am going there…) wish sooo much for Spring. In a few short weeks everyone will have Spring Fever…. the department stores have already taken on their Spring line of clothing, Freds and Dollar General will have their garden lineup in tow, we’ll see all the little birds chasing each other. I very simply cannot wait. If I dwell on the subject too long I’ll find myself salivating. So instead, I’ll draw myself back into the reality that is, by reminding myself we’re due for more winter weather on Tuesday and Friday of next week. At the same time I’ll promise myself that no matter what, I will NOT use my vacation up for bad winter weather. God willing.

For now, though, I’ll just bide my time until I’m finally able to exhale that last bit of the winter season out – and breathe in the New Season.

Weekend R&R

I’ve looked forward to getting snowed in, or iced in as the case may be, with my guy for the weekend. I opted to stay at my place for this event, reason being in case of a power outage. See, I have a furbaby and he doesn’t – and I couldn’t bear the thought of her being at home without any heat and no mommy’s lap. From what they forecasted, losing power sounded like a strong possibility.

We ended up with around 1.5-2 inches, but half of that underneath appears to be ice – this is very evident just looking down at the blacktop of my parking lot. Although it doesn’t sound like much – the ice is enough to park my ass. Yeah, we get made fun of by people from the north. But as I told a friend a few minutes ago, maybe, just maybe, we show a small hint of intelligence just by NOT attempting to drive in it.

So we’re stocked on food here and have plenty of movies, and candles, on hand. I joked that if we did end up losing power, the frigid temps outside would have at least saved the food.

I do have some fond memories of past snowstorms. Snow-women built with size C-cup boobies. Cramming in a vehicle with friends going four-wheeling out behind my old house. Playing with my little girl and coming in wet and cold, grabbing the hot chocolate and extra marshmallows. As well, there were some not so fond memories, but those I won’t mention. I’d rather remember the good.

I’m moving forward and making my own new memories now. I still have yet to find my ‘way’ in life, though I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at pretending I have. Still have that bad habit of looking backward from time to time. The what-ifs and all that. Those damned times still exist where I’m obviously more emotional than I should be, or want to be.

Nada Subject

The possibility of winter precipitation exists for this Friday. Ha! I guess we’ll see. The weathermen are SO flying under the radar, which is usually the time we get slammed with a winter storm. I’ve gotta say, I wouldn’t mind it… especially because of the time frame, late Friday into Saturday. No missing any work! So my current plans for Friday are 1) grab my guy, 2) rent a couple movies and 3) lock ourselves indoors all weekend. Oh, and gotta make sure I’m stoked stocked on hot chocolate. 😛

I know this is totally off the subject (what subject?), but we were discussing at work how it really took no effort at all to accommodate the year change – both in writing and/or typing it. Why is this? Why does it take half the year to remember to write 2009 instead of 2008, yet you can go to a 2-digit year change with no problem? So I’ve been taking polls on this. The few people I’ve asked have had the same result…. made a successful switch to 2010 with no whiteout or backspace key needed! Wish I knew the reason for this.

Slowly, methodically, the clouds are rolling in…

Last night’s dinner with Mom went so well, and we enjoyed the time spent together. Good fellowship, good food, and as always lots of laughs. Little Camille was on cloud nine having everyone there making over her – she walked around looking lost after everyone left.

This may come as a big surprise, but I’m not even gonna comment on the Union speech last night. Yes, I did watch it, in it’s entirety. More empty promises, more of the thumb directed over his shoulder to indicate the administration prior to his that left the pile of shit for him to deal with, more of the worst is now over shpill, and why don’t we export more shit to create more jobs, shit that won’t sell anyway because American shit’s too expensive, yada yada. I will say…. Pelosi just needs to sit her ass down.

Well okay, I guess I did just comment on it.

So Elizabeth Edwards is finally leaving her lying cheating sleeze bag of a husband. Sad thing is, still suffering with terminal cancer, she can’t have that much time left. I pray that God gives her strength to get through what will likely be the hardest decision she’s ever made. I have great empathy for this woman, and the horrible embarrassment and shame she’s endured. As well, I feel for the innocent children that are involved.

Speaking of – funny, I read yesterday that 27 Jan was also the date that Hillary Clinton blamed Bill’s sexual indiscretions on “a vast right-wing conspiracy”. It’s true… it’s even made it’s way into her ‘memoir’. Profanity sits impatiently on the tip of my tongue right now, and works diligently to pry open my lips so that it may escape. Ladies, when are you going to stop blaming others for your husband’s indiscretions?? Okay – same goes for you guys if the roles are reversed!! This is NOT an act that you have to put up with or endure!! Even the Good Book, our Holy Bible, instructs us that marriage is indeed separable by two things: death AND ADULTRY!! Have we been conditioned to believe that it’s either warranted or expected of us to put up with such a damaging and intimate abuse of trust in a marriage? I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

On a brighter note, it is one beautiful sunrise out there this morning….

Outside the window at work

Sunshine and blue skies forever…♫♪

And I’m singing this to the tune of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ by the Beatles. This is some very enjoyable weather. Tomorrow and Wednesday’s highs are forecast to be in the mid-60’s. That’s a big switcharoo from the teens we’ve been in for so long.

Today is the start of getting back into my exercise regimen. I’ve put it off for long enough now. I know I can do this, as I did it a year ago and dropped 20 pounds within 2 short months. I was thinking that I may even use this blog as as a means to map my progress. Hey, I can hear all those groans from here. 🙂

Spring is on the forefront of my mind. I can hardly wait for the warmer weather, and to have the time outdoors again. Spring is the time when everything seems ALIVE. A real mood enhancement, if you will. I want to hear the birds singing again. The crickets chirping. Hell, I even miss the amplified screeches of the cicadas. Walks through my local Botanical Garden. Flip flops and tank tops. Beach music. The BEACH. Having our Seabreezes outside, along with a light coldplate for dinner.

Ahhh…. c’mon, Spring.

Drops of Spring

The ever-elusive fifth day

The heat is fixed here at work, glory hallelujah. No more 32 degree hands. It’s been one hell of a cold week. But it’s Friday, that wonderful 5th day of the week that we work so hard to reach. Ah, sleep-in day tomorrow.

Of course it didn’t snow here last night. The piles upon piles of salt and slag poured on the roads was all in vain. Guess we had to be prepared, though – I remember what happened when that 18″ surprised us a couple years ago and nothing had been done beforehand in preparation for the storm. People were screaming mad all over the local news.

You know though, you just can’t please everybody. There’s always gonna be that one character with the differing opinion, the individual who wants to go the other way, or the person that’ll slam you for doing what you believe to be the right thing. It’s taken me almost a lifetime to learn this very true factoid.

I was just telling a friend this morning that at least we know Spring is on it’s way. I have a feeling by the time this Winter’s done with us, we’ll ALL be ready for it.

Arctic Blast

How cold is it? Baby, it’s cold outside.

Record lows are being made here in the south – and well, a lot of other areas too. Someone told me yesterday that the farmers almanac nailed the prediction on this frigid winter. And so far, it appears there’s no end in sight.

So I broke my less than one month-old ice scraper on my windshield this morning. Dangit, it was a good one too. Guess it wasn’t as good of one as I originally thought.

We’re supposed to get a little snow tonight, but just a dusting they say. It’s going back down to 18 so maybe it’ll be too cold to snow. Our poor mountain folks are getting pounded and I know they’re sick of it. They still haven’t dug out of the 20 inches they got before Christmas!

Which gets me to thinking (yeah, that can be a dangerous thing). If the long hot days of summertime are called the dog days of summer, what shall we call these short frigid days of winter?

I’ll get back to ya on that one.

Welcome Winter… 3 days early

Snow all around us. Well, not here – I seem to sport an invisible shield that prohibits any snow from landing within 50 miles of me. But, pretty much all the areas to the north and west of us did get it… ALOT of it.

My bf and his brother took off yesterday morning to pick up their nephew from WCU and bring him home for the long Christmas break. Needless to say they got stuck up there in the mountains. They were lucky enough to get a hotel room. I say lucky because his local news stated that literally thousands of people were stranded, and most of the lodging is now full. Last time we talked, the accumulation had reached 13 inches, and snow was still coming down. He has high hopes of coming home today, but unless they open that main highway back up, I’m afraid they’re gonna be disappointed.

One thing I found really funny about the situation had to do with his brother. Of course I won’t mention any names, but I find it so hilarious that I do have to include it…

Brother J spent the night with him so they could leave early that next morning for the trip up. Since he arrived at his house nearing bedtime, he was already dressed for bed (wearing his pajamas). I was talking to my bf last night, and asked if everybody was warm, had taken their coats, had food to eat, etc. – and couldn’t help but joke about brother J, saying I hoped he’d brought those pajamas with him. Come to find out, Bro J decided to wear the pj’s on the trip, thinking they weren’t gonna be needing to get out anyway. He got stranded in the mountains with pajamas as his main articles of clothing. On the bright side, he did think to take a pair of boots. LMAO

Hell I can’t really say anything – I recently took a trip up to a snowy set of mountains with flip-flops as my only footwear.

Let it snow… please?

Snow is in the forecast later today. Possibly.

It would be a good time for it, I think, although I know there are plenty out there that would beg to differ with me. It’s a Friday, we could leave early from work and have the whole weekend with which to play and recoup. Everyone here at work, boss included, is stoked about the possibility. Knowing that we both like to sling our cars around when it snows, my boss is even joking about which of us will land the best doughnut in the parking lot.

I remember as a kid (back when it used to snow every single winter) the snow days were magical to me. I’d grab a friend or two and head out on the journey. Every place transformed into someplace new and enchanting when a fresh blanket of snow fell! We’d take our lunch and snacks with us when we headed out, because of course everything tasted better in snowland. The forest looked magical – the beautiful limbs and trees resembled something out of a storybook. The streams and brooks appeared as though they came right off a painting, so clean and crisp. The hills we would find were enormous, and more treacherous than they could ever be when they were ‘snowless’. The entire day was a true adventure, and we always made it last as long as we could, often not returning until dusk. I rode past one of those hills about a year ago. It was so little, I couldn’t believe it. I found myself wondering if it had eroded. 🙂

I hope those memories never leave me.

More pre-Christmas

Thank goodness for a weekend, it’s time to regroup. Or recoup. As I look outside my window, the barren limbs look so lonely. Just a few leaves remain on the tree I’m gazing at. I wonder how they’re still holding on, and for what. 25 degree weather starts the mega-early morning of this Friday, with Saturday’s forecasted low not being much warmer.

I forget how much I take summer for granted. Shorts and a tank or tee, rushing out the door and sliding my toes into my rainbow flips. How much easier life is! Getting up on a Saturday morning and having my bagel on my balcony while sitting cross-legged in the chair, gazing out over the greenery. So much more time spent outside.

C’monnnnn, Spring. I anxiously await you.

Fast-forward to Sunday. It sleeted last night for the first time this season. Still pre-Christmas, lest I forget. Today I braved the masses at the mall, and since I didn’t attempt a mall in the big shitty city (my grandmother’s words), it actually turned out okay. Actually more like a visit to the mall on any other average day.

Today we were en route to the mall and a funeral procession halted us. In respect, as one should have, we pulled over to the side to wait for all to pass. All the cars around us waited as well. This reminded me of the fact that smaller towns respect funeral processions while the big towns always contain your everyday idiot that’ll ruin it. A such disrespectful event took place during the procession of my stepfather… one that I’ll never forget, and much regret. But, I’ll save that for another blog.