To each his own. To me my own.

Let it snow… please?

Snow is in the forecast later today. Possibly.

It would be a good time for it, I think, although I know there are plenty out there that would beg to differ with me. It’s a Friday, we could leave early from work and have the whole weekend with which to play and recoup. Everyone here at work, boss included, is stoked about the possibility. Knowing that we both like to sling our cars around when it snows, my boss is even joking about which of us will land the best doughnut in the parking lot.

I remember as a kid (back when it used to snow every single winter) the snow days were magical to me. I’d grab a friend or two and head out on the journey. Every place transformed into someplace new and enchanting when a fresh blanket of snow fell! We’d take our lunch and snacks with us when we headed out, because of course everything tasted better in snowland. The forest looked magical – the beautiful limbs and trees resembled something out of a storybook. The streams and brooks appeared as though they came right off a painting, so clean and crisp. The hills we would find were enormous, and more treacherous than they could ever be when they were ‘snowless’. The entire day was a true adventure, and we always made it last as long as we could, often not returning until dusk. I rode past one of those hills about a year ago. It was so little, I couldn’t believe it. I found myself wondering if it had eroded. πŸ™‚

I hope those memories never leave me.


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