To each his own. To me my own.

Welcome Winter… 3 days early

Snow all around us. Well, not here – I seem to sport an invisible shield that prohibits any snow from landing within 50 miles of me. But, pretty much all the areas to the north and west of us did get it… ALOT of it.

My bf and his brother took off yesterday morning to pick up their nephew from WCU and bring him home for the long Christmas break. Needless to say they got stuck up there in the mountains. They were lucky enough to get a hotel room. I say lucky because his local news stated that literally thousands of people were stranded, and most of the lodging is now full. Last time we talked, the accumulation had reached 13 inches, and snow was still coming down. He has high hopes of coming home today, but unless they open that main highway back up, I’m afraid they’re gonna be disappointed.

One thing I found really funny about the situation had to do with his brother. Of course I won’t mention any names, but I find it so hilarious that I do have to include it…

Brother J spent the night with him so they could leave early that next morning for the trip up. Since he arrived at his house nearing bedtime, he was already dressed for bed (wearing his pajamas). I was talking to my bf last night, and asked if everybody was warm, had taken their coats, had food to eat, etc. – and couldn’t help but joke about brother J, saying I hoped he’d brought those pajamas with him. Come to find out, Bro J decided to wear the pj’s on the trip, thinking they weren’t gonna be needing to get out anyway. He got stranded in the mountains with pajamas as his main articles of clothing. On the bright side, he did think to take a pair of boots. LMAO

Hell I can’t really say anything – I recently took a trip up to a snowy set of mountains with flip-flops as my only footwear.


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