To each his own. To me my own.

My first day of Winter is colored Amber

Ever since I can remember, the color amber has signified Winter to me. Being an earth-toned color loving person, it’s no wonder that it has become a favorite of mine. But it’s more than just a color to me – it’s a compilation of the senses.

The Sight. A pale yellow, sometimes reddish or brownish, translucent. The ambient glow of firelit nights…

The Smell. Breads baking. Perfumes are even named after amber, I have one. The aroma always represents the essence of winter.

The Taste. Peanut butter cookies. Cinnamon-banana bread.

The Touch. A loved ones caress. Being wrapped tight in their arms while giving sweet kisses.

The Sound. The quietness of snow falling. The gentle popping and crackling of a fire.

I need only to close my eyes to avert my imagery over to a warm winter night in front of a fireplace, snow falling outside – to sense amber. To become conscious of my senses… and of all that exists around me that is beautiful in Winter.


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