To each his own. To me my own.

The ever-elusive fifth day

The heat is fixed here at work, glory hallelujah. No more 32 degree hands. It’s been one hell of a cold week. But it’s Friday, that wonderful 5th day of the week that we work so hard to reach. Ah, sleep-in day tomorrow.

Of course it didn’t snow here last night. The piles upon piles of salt and slag poured on the roads was all in vain. Guess we had to be prepared, though – I remember what happened when that 18″ surprised us a couple years ago and nothing had been done beforehand in preparation for the storm. People were screaming mad all over the local news.

You know though, you just can’t please everybody. There’s always gonna be that one character with the differing opinion, the individual who wants to go the other way, or the person that’ll slam you for doing what you believe to be the right thing. It’s taken me almost a lifetime to learn this very true factoid.

I was just telling a friend this morning that at least we know Spring is on it’s way. I have a feeling by the time this Winter’s done with us, we’ll ALL be ready for it.


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