To each his own. To me my own.

Nada Subject

The possibility of winter precipitation exists for this Friday. Ha! I guess we’ll see. The weathermen are SO flying under the radar, which is usually the time we get slammed with a winter storm. I’ve gotta say, I wouldn’t mind it… especially because of the time frame, late Friday into Saturday. No missing any work! So my current plans for Friday are 1) grab my guy, 2) rent a couple movies and 3) lock ourselves indoors all weekend. Oh, and gotta make sure I’m stoked stocked on hot chocolate. 😛

I know this is totally off the subject (what subject?), but we were discussing at work how it really took no effort at all to accommodate the year change – both in writing and/or typing it. Why is this? Why does it take half the year to remember to write 2009 instead of 2008, yet you can go to a 2-digit year change with no problem? So I’ve been taking polls on this. The few people I’ve asked have had the same result…. made a successful switch to 2010 with no whiteout or backspace key needed! Wish I knew the reason for this.

Slowly, methodically, the clouds are rolling in…

Last night’s dinner with Mom went so well, and we enjoyed the time spent together. Good fellowship, good food, and as always lots of laughs. Little Camille was on cloud nine having everyone there making over her – she walked around looking lost after everyone left.

This may come as a big surprise, but I’m not even gonna comment on the Union speech last night. Yes, I did watch it, in it’s entirety. More empty promises, more of the thumb directed over his shoulder to indicate the administration prior to his that left the pile of shit for him to deal with, more of the worst is now over shpill, and why don’t we export more shit to create more jobs, shit that won’t sell anyway because American shit’s too expensive, yada yada. I will say…. Pelosi just needs to sit her ass down.

Well okay, I guess I did just comment on it.

So Elizabeth Edwards is finally leaving her lying cheating sleeze bag of a husband. Sad thing is, still suffering with terminal cancer, she can’t have that much time left. I pray that God gives her strength to get through what will likely be the hardest decision she’s ever made. I have great empathy for this woman, and the horrible embarrassment and shame she’s endured. As well, I feel for the innocent children that are involved.

Speaking of – funny, I read yesterday that 27 Jan was also the date that Hillary Clinton blamed Bill’s sexual indiscretions on “a vast right-wing conspiracy”. It’s true… it’s even made it’s way into her ‘memoir’. Profanity sits impatiently on the tip of my tongue right now, and works diligently to pry open my lips so that it may escape. Ladies, when are you going to stop blaming others for your husband’s indiscretions?? Okay – same goes for you guys if the roles are reversed!! This is NOT an act that you have to put up with or endure!! Even the Good Book, our Holy Bible, instructs us that marriage is indeed separable by two things: death AND ADULTRY!! Have we been conditioned to believe that it’s either warranted or expected of us to put up with such a damaging and intimate abuse of trust in a marriage? I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

On a brighter note, it is one beautiful sunrise out there this morning….

Outside the window at work


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