To each his own. To me my own.

Waiting to exhale

Oh my gosh, what a quiet relaxing weekend. Even the neighbors underneath me have been quiet, which is so weird that I’m almost wondering if they’re dead. I haven’t left the house since Friday night when we went out for Mexican – and the intentions are to stay a recluse for the remainder of the weekend. Hoping the sun will melt most of the ice out there! Because I surely don’t want to drive in it tomorrow morning.

Had a good breakfast this morning and watched my fave televangelist, Reverend Dollar, deliver his sermon on ‘offense’ (as in being offended by others). My honey even watched it with me. 🙂 This makes me smile. Hmm, offense. Yeah, there sure is a lot of this in the world. Remember? We live in the United States of the Offended, reference a prior blog.

Looking out at the white everywhere, the bare trees, the blustery bursts of wind, makes me (oh yes I am going there…) wish sooo much for Spring. In a few short weeks everyone will have Spring Fever…. the department stores have already taken on their Spring line of clothing, Freds and Dollar General will have their garden lineup in tow, we’ll see all the little birds chasing each other. I very simply cannot wait. If I dwell on the subject too long I’ll find myself salivating. So instead, I’ll draw myself back into the reality that is, by reminding myself we’re due for more winter weather on Tuesday and Friday of next week. At the same time I’ll promise myself that no matter what, I will NOT use my vacation up for bad winter weather. God willing.

For now, though, I’ll just bide my time until I’m finally able to exhale that last bit of the winter season out – and breathe in the New Season.


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