To each his own. To me my own.

Weekend R&R

I’ve looked forward to getting snowed in, or iced in as the case may be, with my guy for the weekend. I opted to stay at my place for this event, reason being in case of a power outage. See, I have a furbaby and he doesn’t – and I couldn’t bear the thought of her being at home without any heat and no mommy’s lap. From what they forecasted, losing power sounded like a strong possibility.

We ended up with around 1.5-2 inches, but half of that underneath appears to be ice – this is very evident just looking down at the blacktop of my parking lot. Although it doesn’t sound like much – the ice is enough to park my ass. Yeah, we get made fun of by people from the north. But as I told a friend a few minutes ago, maybe, just maybe, we show a small hint of intelligence just by NOT attempting to drive in it.

So we’re stocked on food here and have plenty of movies, and candles, on hand. I joked that if we did end up losing power, the frigid temps outside would have at least saved the food.

I do have some fond memories of past snowstorms. Snow-women built with size C-cup boobies. Cramming in a vehicle with friends going four-wheeling out behind my old house. Playing with my little girl and coming in wet and cold, grabbing the hot chocolate and extra marshmallows. As well, there were some not so fond memories, but those I won’t mention. I’d rather remember the good.

I’m moving forward and making my own new memories now. I still have yet to find my ‘way’ in life, though I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at pretending I have. Still have that bad habit of looking backward from time to time. The what-ifs and all that. Those damned times still exist where I’m obviously more emotional than I should be, or want to be.


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