To each his own. To me my own.

One month closer

The grammy awards were on last night and boy does that show get better every year. Guess they have to keep bringing it bigger and better, everything’s so competitive now. I love music. It is a part of my soul, period, and always will be.

So we’re one month closer to Spring….

February 1st. Today marks 6 months of being together for my guy and me. Of us. Wow, doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. When we started seeing each other, it was still summer. Those days were spent in tank tops, flip flops and swimsuits. Hot days, and warm sweet evenings.

I remember something about him just felt right even in the beginning. Having had jumped in and out of a couple of relationships earlier in the year, of course I was skeptical. I had to be skeptical, for my own good. And, so did he.

Along the way, we’ve helped one another heal, in a sense. Even though a certain length of time had passed from the separation of our spouses, there were still those rough patches. To possess the ability to listen to each other is a big thing. That’s only one thing I love most about him. We can sit and have a conversation for hours, and never lack for a subject. This man is also as honest as the day is long.

We’ve seen a lot of pretty places in our time together. Cherokee, Blowing Rock, several mountain trips really. To the beach to bring in the New Year, which was a first for me. It was awesome to finally bring in the New Year again with someone you love, and throwing the beach in there made it even more special. Our trips have definitely been a lot of fun, and you also learn a lot about a person when you take trips with them. 🙂

We take things one day at a time. And practice what the song says, “Love Like Crazy”.

I am grateful for the man I’ve found. Rather, I like to think we found each other….


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