To each his own. To me my own.

More pre-Christmas

Thank goodness for a weekend, it’s time to regroup. Or recoup. As I look outside my window, the barren limbs look so lonely. Just a few leaves remain on the tree I’m gazing at. I wonder how they’re still holding on, and for what. 25 degree weather starts the mega-early morning of this Friday, with Saturday’s forecasted low not being much warmer.

I forget how much I take summer for granted. Shorts and a tank or tee, rushing out the door and sliding my toes into my rainbow flips. How much easier life is! Getting up on a Saturday morning and having my bagel on my balcony while sitting cross-legged in the chair, gazing out over the greenery. So much more time spent outside.

C’monnnnn, Spring. I anxiously await you.

Fast-forward to Sunday. It sleeted last night for the first time this season. Still pre-Christmas, lest I forget. Today I braved the masses at the mall, and since I didn’t attempt a mall in the big shitty city (my grandmother’s words), it actually turned out okay. Actually more like a visit to the mall on any other average day.

Today we were en route to the mall and a funeral procession halted us. In respect, as one should have, we pulled over to the side to wait for all to pass. All the cars around us waited as well. This reminded me of the fact that smaller towns respect funeral processions while the big towns always contain your everyday idiot that’ll ruin it. A such disrespectful event took place during the procession of my stepfather… one that I’ll never forget, and much regret. But, I’ll save that for another blog.


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