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Tiger’s EX?

I’ve avoided the subject so far, at least through writing. But I heard a little break of news this morning that I’ve been wanting to hear since this whole ‘story’ broke.

Wife to leave the golf great?? Well, I don’t believe this will be a shock to anyone. The disturbing story of the infidelities, in which numbers seem to increase daily, has consumed media headlines for weeks now.

One thing is for sure. Two lives are never to be the same. What of the mistresses, you ask – and their lives? I don’t know and really don’t care, to be honest. Being the big girls they are, they knew full well what they were getting into.

Tiger will go on and, eventually, move on as the story fades into a little piece of history. There’s really no choice for him, he’s at the bottom now – this will be a true test for him to pick his self back up and move forward, hopefully having learned from his mistakes. That’s about the nicest I can be when it comes to him, though. After all, he is the one who ‘made his bed’.

Elin, however, has her work cut out for her. I don’t know her or what she was like before. At the very least I’m picturing a beautiful vibrant woman who was slammed full of self-confidence – who has now been reduced to someone that’ll have trust issues for the rest of her life. The sheer humiliation of what she’s enduring is heart-wrenching to the public that doesn’t even know her. Any person – be it a man or a woman, who has ever had to endure the pain and humiliation of a cheating spouse can empathize with her. I simply cannot imagine though, the mass quantity of these ‘instances’.

I hope, for her sake, that it’s true she’s leaving. To move on from this horrible set of events in her life, allowing her to eventually find someone who will love her the way she deserves to be loved. Apparently that’s a rare find nowadays.


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