To each his own. To me my own.

Sweet songs

Today is deemed the most call-in sick to work day of the year, the Monday after the Superbowl. I personally would have to be on my death bed in order to make that disparaging call in to work on such a famous day for it. It’s a fact though, and I’ve already had two calls from employees. One is going to be late – and the other truly sounds like she was, well – laying on her death bed.

The birds are going nuts outside today. If you closed your eyes while walking outside you would swear it was an early Spring morning. Mating season has begun (no more appropriate time than around Valentine’s Day, huh?) and they are singing and whistling quite loudly. It’s music to my ears.

Every once in a while you get a nice little headline-making story. You’ve probably heard about the massive snowball fight in Washington, after being pounded by a snowstorm that basically shut down the entire city. Today, all federal employees have an official ‘snowday’. Well, good for them.

This massive snowball fight, I’m told, was actually organized on Facebook. What a ‘cool’ way to vent any built up frustration we may be harboring towards our government. 🙂 And, just goes to show how powerful Facebook really is. An estimated 2000 people showed up for the event, where they proceeded to split into two teams and pelt each other.

Snowball Fight in Washington

Back to the brand new workweek. Man I do live for those weekends….


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