To each his own. To me my own.

Super Sunday

It’s not the easiest thing to type out a blog from this iPhone. Maybe I need one of those new iPads. 🙂 In any case, the thirst to write something this morning overrides the difficulty level.

We are supposed to see sun today. So far no go, but I do remain hopeful. If it does show it’s pretty face, I plan on venturing out to my local botanical garden and visiting the orchid explosion before my yearly membership expires. It’s already on my mind heavily, this expiration date of a place I’ve enjoyed so very much for the past year and a half. I’ve been there so much it’s almost become a sanctuary of sorts to me… a temporary escape from a sometimes insane reality. One of tranquility and beauty, and most of all one of true nature. I do believe I’m just gonna have to renew my membership.

Superbowl Sunday. I gotta say this year I have no earthly care WHO wins. I don’t even have any open pools out there, which is unusual. Hey, if you don’t play, you can’t win, right? So this year, I guess I’m only in it it for the commercials.

I still have errands to run today that didn’t get accomplished yesterday due to a lazy factor. Well not lazy exactly, I just overdid it a bit with the ole’ workout routine. Ima have to do better at that whole ‘pushing myself beyond the limits’ thing.

I’ve had a great weekend, all in all. Went to see Sherlock Holmes Friday night, and it was great. The theme kinda threw me and my guy, it was based on witchcraft, but turned out okay in the end. Of course they left it wide the heck open for a sequel, but isn’t that par for the course?

Last night was the Bud Shootout. Anyone who knows me knows what a huge Nascar fan I USED to be. The past 5 or so years though, I’ve probably only watched a handful of races. Sports for me now consists only of one true love – Baseball. But friends, if you’ve never watched a Nascar race on a high-def bigscreen plasma tv with surround sound, you have got to experience that soon. All I’ve got to say is, WOW.

Think I’ve rambled enough today to make up for no rambling yesterday. Wishing a wonderful Sunday for all of you gentle readers out there – and be blessed.


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