To each his own. To me my own.

Healthy living

My story. I feel as if I write about it, then it will come about, again. The healthy way of life.

No matter if you’re single, married, divorced or other, it’s possible. We all have our ups and downs, and we often get locked in a rut (that’s pattern for you non-southerners). It’s so easy to get away from your exercise routine, and the longer you’re away from it the harder it is to go back and pick it up.

Late in the year of 2008, right after my separation, I started working out and dieting. Went to the gym every day, even on the weekends. I dropped 20 pounds very quickly, and I was amazed at the fact I’d done it myself. I was in a size 4, and remained that way until about September. That June, I picked up smoking again after being quit for almost a year and a half. Amazingly enough, that year and a half of non-smoking survived my separation and the hard months to follow. So I really don’t have an excuse for picking them back up a year after all that.

Little by little, I began ditching my workout for the day. Then it came to not going at all. I don’t know what I was thinking, other than needing the extra time for my newfound social life since it had picked up the pace. That 20 pounds stayed off until about September, when my body decided “enough already” and started packing most of the lost weight back on. At a pretty fast pace, might I add.

Now I’m not fool enough to think I can pick back up on my workout routine while being a smoker. So, I continued to use that excuse for another couple months. November 1st of 2009 was my last day of smoking, hopefully for good this time. It’s taken this long to push myself back into my routine, and it’s hard. But now that I’ve started I realize just how good it makes a body feel. How my body reacts to eating well and exercise is nothing short of amazing. I’ve literally been depriving myself all these months, with those extra indulgences.

Now I want my body back. It’s true that only we are in control of our own bodies. If a change is to be made, it’s up to me to make that change. It’s nothing short of long-term, it’s definitely a lifestyle change. I’m on my way, I can feel it.

And it feels damn good. 😉


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