To each his own. To me my own.

No. More.

I’m hoping they’ll fade soon. Usually by now, anything I’ve dreamed has long been dissipated.

These things we know. A dream can warn us of potential danger. Things that trouble us often crystalize in a dream. Everyone who sleeps, dreams, including animals.

Certain ones I have, though not often, still make me question the sense of them. The purpose. Endlessly trying to figure them out is exhausting – just like my last night’s sleep was. These are the kind of dreams that decide they’d like to hang out with you for a day or so.

It’s very frustrating to me to have dreams that I can’t figure out. These dreams usually involve the past, as they did last night. I’d much rather not have them at all if I have to go back in time and relive moments I don’t want to think about ever again.

So remind me where the sense of it is again?

Tonight... it's gonna be sweet dreams, sweet pea.


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