To each his own. To me my own.

Halfway there, well almost

The sun is supposed to come out today, and it’ll be a most welcome site. My friend and I are planning a walk today after lunch – I’m hoping that’ll be a stroll in the sunshine. The ole’ bod is in bad need of some vitamin D.

Then Friday, more talk of winter weather. Well, just bring it on and get it over with. Makes it that much closer to Spring! Which is only 45 days away… oh I’ve gotta shed this winter coat before then.

So I’ve gotta go there. The Jenny Sanford interview won’t air until Friday night at 10, but I have read the excerpts on it this morning. Faithful. The word. (And my friends and family…. you know it’s a HUGE word to me.)

Gov. Mark Sanford insisted that the clause be removed in his marriage vows that contained the word ‘Faithful’. wtf?? His wife said she was young and just dismissed it. She was 27 when they got married. Besides, if he refused to promise to be faithful, then in Catholic terms, they didn’t have a valid marriage. The vows have to include unconditional faithfulness.

She said in the interview her three sons read the emailed notes that became public, which she said devastated them. “Their world’s been turned upside-down as well. It is something that is now a part of their lives. … They’re not happy. They’re not proud. … It just ripped me up, to see them reading these emails, and to see them have to grow up so fast.”

Now, when this whole thing first blew up, it seemed like it was just Mark who had a pathological urge to keep telling the media more and more and more. But now it’s Jenny too. I don’t get how people are willing to air their dirty laundry publicly, grieve in public, show their humiliation for all the world to see. Are these people devoid of any sense of limits or boundaries? For me personally, it would be hard to expose all this stuff to my family, and we are close!

So help me out here… how exactly will her rehashing all this benefit her three sons again?

Although the subject of infidelity is one that is very touchy to me, and I do feel empathy for all the humiliation that she’s indured – I just don’t agree with her coming forward in television interviews for more bashing. I’ve got one word for you, Jenny Sanford. Memoir.

Oh… you’ve already written one of those? My bad.

Does anyone remember “Love Story” with that idiotic wedding ceremony in it, and at the end they promise to be faithful for “as long as they both shall love”???


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