To each his own. To me my own.

Infinite blessings

Who says we have to wait until Thanksgiving to express our thanks and count our blessings? I find no better time than the present to take up an entire blog to count the very many I currently have. So if the aforementioned subject matter happens to bore you, you’ve at least been warned. 🙂

I am so very thankful. I started thinking about this when I got up this morning. Our great and powerful omnipresent Lord has given me more than I could ever express gratitude to Him for, even if I’d began when I learned to talk and continued speaking it until my dying day.

My bed I slept in last night. So soft, so snug. In my warm safe dwelling. So comfortable. Let’s back up. Coming home to my warm dwelling after working yesterday. Hmm, let’s back up more.

Begin yesterday. Driving to work in the morning. My loyal car that’s been never-failing so far, it’s been such a good one. My hard rock of transportation. Coming in to my job. My work is the most drama-free, laid-back place I’ve ever worked. These people are awesome, literally all of them. As usual I brought my lunch and snack to work, and drinks. Food, I have food – and plenty of it. I come home, again to my warm safe dwelling. Changed into my workout clothes and got on my exercise machine, one of my very own situated in the comfort of my home. A nice hot 20-minute shower after I cooled off, oh what a luxury, that shower! All the amenities that go along with it, good shampoo, conditioner, wash, all of it. Feels and smells so great. On to a dinner, leftover chicken which I cut up with onions, peppers and tomatoes to make a fabulous chicken wheat burrito with hot sauce. Such a good dinner, while watching the nightly news on my television in a toasty warm candlelit living room. My little furbaby loving on me, such a healthy sweet kitty.

A nightly talk with my Mom and my Dad on the phone. Another blessing, not only the phone but my parents. The ability to pick up the phone and talk to them basically any time I wish. My daughter, who I couldn’t be more proud of. She’ll be taking the walk across the stage this May to graduate from college. The wonderful man in my life who has taught me so much about myself. Such blessings, the people who surround me on a daily basis. Thank you, Lord.

The freedom to come and go as I please. The only real rules out there are to pay your bills and obey the laws. Yes, I can do that. Because – I’m blessed like that.

It only takes a little bit of reminding yourself of the many blessings you have in your daily life to not dwell on the petty things in life so much. I truly believe that the more time we spend counting our blessings, the more affordability we’ll have enjoying them, thus enjoying more of this thing called life.

I thank you Lord for all the blessings you’ve bestowed upon me, and those you continue to bestow. I realize that I’m so undeserving of it all. I will forever attempt to express my eternal gratitude to you for all You do for me, and your unconditional love for me.


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