To each his own. To me my own.


Bits and Pieces

I gazed down at myself as I sat down in my car seat this morning and discovered a spider had hitched a ride down the stairs with me. Lovely. I should be used to it by now I so hate spiders.

On a brighter note, here comes our holiday finally and with it the three-day weekend. Longer for some, I know, but I’ll take the extra day and not complain a bit. I recently made a friend who frequents the lake (via boat) and she invited us out this weekend. I’m SO STOKED I couldn’t be more excited if I were going to the beach. Wellll, I might be a bit more excited about that – but this is still major to me. I haven’t had a good day out on a boat in well, I don’t count last year because the boat never even moved from it’s stationery spot. So, three years now. That’s far too long for ole’ water-Bon to be a land-lubber. Craving the ocean too, but that’s a whole other story. The lake will most definitely temporarily suffice.

So, Eclipse has come out. All of my New Moon buddies have seen it so far and are telling me it’s mega-awesome, so I can’t wait to see it. My guy said something about Monday and it probably will be less crowded that day. One friend of mine was going to see it for the second time last night. The last movie I went to see more than once was Nights in Rodanthe, which I saw 3 times at the theatre. I didn’t know it at the time, but that movie was to become a staple in my newfound single life.

I have a friend who is taking his girlfriend to the beach this weekend – and planning to ‘pop the question’ to her. From what he said, she’s wanted this for a long time, and what better time than July 4th holiday? I’m such a romantic, so I bask in stories like these. I got all sappy yesterday when I heard what he was planning, and the girls at work were laughing at me. I can only explain it by saying that I’ve never in my life had anyone who actually wanted to marry me, so I guess that’ll make a person a romantic if nothing else will. I can’t wait to hear how he did it when he gets back in town… will he propose on the pier? On the beach? Or maybe at Broadway, standing underneath the fireworks after they start… my goodness, I love that idea….

Stay tuned. 🙂

Post Memorial Day

It’s the evening, so I’m close to writing this post-Memorial Day. It certainly will be by the morn. But let’s just take a nostalgic step back into yesterday, shall we?

I apologize beforehand for the obtrusive profanity that is hopefully only sporadically sprinkled throughout this blog – I will do my best to keep it at a minimum. For reason of content, I can already attest to the fact that I will never have that much sought-after ‘freshly pressed’ status on WP for this one… and I’ll just have to proudly suck that one up.

I spent pretty much all weekend at my guy’s house. After the party at his brother’s Saturday night, we swung by my apartment and scooped up my furbaby and we’ve been there ever since.

Memorial Day Monday afternoon, when I get back home, this is the first thing I see when I make my way up to my little third floor haven.

The motherfuckers. (Okay, I can already see this profanity thing is gonna be a struggle – but I’m trying I swear.)

These little muslim coward pieces of shit came and delivered islamic (NO I won’t capitalize either of ’em!!) newspapers all over my apartment complex immediately prior to our Memorial Day holiday. The little effing shits.

(Almost) needless to say, I had to hunt my blood pressure meds down to take an extra dose. Not a joke, friends. It got me so hot that I literally felt like I was going to have a heart attack. The nerve of the spineless little bastards, I say that because I refuse to give them balls. They hide. They sneak. And they aim to surprise. Always.

No one around here was expecting anything of the sort. What a fucking slap in the face. A jolt, if you will, of reality. Trust me when I say I don’t need the jolt, I actually live 9/11 every day of my life. But once again, here we go…. WTF….

I moved to the city I’m in for various reasons, though there are several chart-toppers. Comfortability factor, price – smaller town, less traffic. We don’t have the big-city crap that normally goes on here. That being said, my safety guard never decreases as far as locked doors, windows, etc. (yes I realize I live on the third floor). But again, the little asswipes pick their targets – and always, aim for surprise…

Happy Memorial Day, even if it’s post

Please remember all who have paid the ultimate price for not only our freedom, but the freedom of many countries around the world. Prayers constantly rise for our fallen soldiers and their families – God bless them and I pray he holds them tight in his arms. To our military – thank you for giving your all… so that I may be free.


I’ve not been on the computer very much this weekend (my weekend started Friday) and that’s a good thing I know. I’ve had some good down time with the boyfriend and plan to continue that!! I love being off… relaxing and not having an agenda – pretty cool.

My iPhone messed up (I can’t believe I’m writing that) (because Macs don’t mess up). It all started about 3 days ago when it started giving around 3-second delays on literally every command I gave it. I did the normal power-off/on thing and even got rid of a few apps that I thought could be offending it. No go. The delays got longer and longer, then it started sending my calls to voicemail. Texts weren’t even feasible to type, they’d drag ass with the delays and I couldn’t even tell what I’d typed. It was literally making me crazy. I contacted my cousin who is a phone technician and he told me to try the restore feature in iTunes and see if that helped, if not to take it to Apple and they’d replace it since it’s still under a year old – but said to him it sounded like the phone. He really knows what he’s talking about, because the restore didn’t work and we ended up making a trip to the Apple store in Southpark last night. Got me a brand new iPhone, right outta the box. Good thing too because my damn battery was about shot – hopefully this one’ll last me a while. Needless to say iPhones do not get a 5-star rating on their battery life.

I could probably find more to write about today, but there’s only one thing that I’m really itching to write about.

I drove a fucking Corvette yesterday. YEAH BABY!!

Now those of you who actually know me are already aware of the fact that it takes very little in life to please me. I’m not high-maintenance, I abhor drama, I love to laugh, and I can probably be boring at times (neehhh… if you catch me on a bad day). Those of you who know me also know that my car of choice has always been a Corvette. Not only have I never ridden in one (well, except when I was a kid when my uncle used to get a new one every year, I think I might’ve rode or SAT in his once) but I’ve certainly never driven one. Well, mark one down for the Bonster. Not only have I now driven a Corvette, I have the effing fever. You heard it here, folks – if an assload of money dropped in my lap right this second and I could buy just one thing, I would have difficulty deciding between a boat and a Corvette. If the said assload of money dropped down today… I’d hate it for the boat because the Corvette would most certainly win out.

K traded cars for the day/night with his brother, the ‘Vette owner. After the Apple store trip, we swung back by my apartment to resync my iPhone which had to be done on my home Mac. We got down past the grocery stores on 49, and he pulled over in the grass at a redlight and started opening the door. I asked ‘what are you doing?’ to which he replied ‘you’re driving’. Well, he had mentioned me driving it earlier in the day, after verifying I could drive stick. I wasn’t gonna mention it again… I mean it wasn’t even his car, and just to ride in it was prize enough for me. The thought also crossed my mind that he might’ve doubted my ability to drive it, or thought I might be sluggish on a stick, etc. Anyway, it took me all of 3 seconds to jump out of the passenger seat and fly around the back of the car (the shortest route, lol) to the drivers seat.

Being able to drive this car was like a gift to me. I think I surprised K because I just shoved the thing into gear and took off. Sweet little 6-speed with a nice tight gear ratio. I could SO get used to that… the steering wheel hugged the road like I’ve always heard. His brother had the engine rebuilt and I’m not sure of the size, etc. – but I can tell you this thing’ll flat out SCAT, K told me they’ve had it to 140+ on the highway and I can definitely believe it. My God, the pick-up it has, when you’re driving it the engine just screams power. He let me get down on it (actually i didn’t ASK) and I love all those gears and that vicious feeling of power under the pedal. It was a feeling like I’ve never had while driving before until that moment. Umm-hmm… I would venture to compare the euphoria to another pleasurable act, but I’ll keep it G-rated.

So if you didn’t believe me before, you surely do now. It doesn’t take much to please ole’ Bon. Everyone have a magnificent and safe Memorial Day weekend… peace out.

Post Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day this year was nothing short of weird, a word I know I’ve grossly overused lately.

It seemed meaningless, empty… since I neither got to see my daughter or my Mother. Aww don’t get me wrong, I’m not grasping for pity. My daughter had to work a double shift yesterday, so she’s taking me out tonight. The reason I didn’t see my Mother is because of this kickass virus I’ve got (still). Knowing how sick I was, she actually requested I wait and maybe do it Tuesday.

It still got me to thinking, Mothers that don’t have anyone around every Mother’s day, what must that be like? I can only imagine it to be a very desolate feeling year after year.

I went to bed at promptly at 10 last night but after about 2am I got very little sleep, and the fleeting bit I got was filled with crazy dreams. I’m ready to shake this ‘sick’ off already and get back to my old self. Unfortunately it’s not happening as fast as I’d like it to.

Post Cinco

Not good to wake up the morning after Cinco de Mayo sick. Not from alcohol, either – throat is almost swollen shut and had chills the latter half of the night. Crap, I guess there goes my longass tenure of wellness that I so often brag about.

After choking on my own phlegm a couple times while trying to doze back off (I know ewww) I got up this morning and megaloaded up on vitamin C’s. Ima fight it with every fiber of my being – which right now all of my fibers seem to be sore.

We went out to the local Mexican eatery last night, and I’ve never seen such a crowd there. Then again I don’t remember ever going out for Mexican on Cinco de Mayo before, either. I think every person in our little lake town had the exact same idea, at the exact same time. It was pretty funny to see the people continually walking up spewing in and all of them have the same look on their face – shock. Couldn’t stir ’em with a stick. (For you non-Southerners out there… that means mega-crowded.) It was a great meal though, and I made a happy plate. We also made a pitcher of margaritas happy. 😆

Ugghh I hate being sick. Kick in already, Vit C’s.

Cinco de Marizona

Spanish for ‘fifth of May’, Cinco de Mayo is a non-obligatory federal holiday that commemorates the Mexican army’s defeat over French forces over unlikely odds at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

With all the illegal immigration crap going on right now, especially in our great State of Arizona, this year I find the ‘holiday’ somewhat amusing. Jan Brewer (governor of AZ) has just declared that the Cinco de Mayo festivities will no longer take place in the state of Arizona. Well… Laugh My Effing Ass Off.

I am not opposed to immigrants. Geez people, I myself am an immigrant from a different continent. I have brothers who are of Peruvian decent. But guess what – we’re all fucking legal.  How many times do I have to say it. It’s the effing ILLEGALS!?! To which my very own taxes are now being rerouted to in order to keep them up. It’s no wonder the tax man wants to collect $1200 from me for the fiscal year of 2009.

Guess what – we’re all in trouble anyway. Damage done is already irreparable. Approximately 23 million illegals (let’s not forget to keep that ticker going) are currently living in the United States. That’s right – I said MILLION. And currently.

It’s a joke to think even a small percentage of this overwhelming population can speak anything other than their native spanish language. If you’ve been out in public even semi-recently, you know better. Push one for English, two for Spa – this spells one thing for me… rage. But pay no mind, the damage has already been done. No more can we say English as a prerequisite ‘would save America TONS of money… and Mexico, it would lend your country additional aptitude as well’. We all know intellect breeds money, which they are so desperate in need of. Nah. Too bad, so sad. The tables have already been turned, and for quite some time now.

I could write on this topic all night long, but have likely voiced my opinion on the subject here previously anyways so I’ll spare you. So back to the original topic, which is Cinco de Mayo. Will the Bonster be partaking in this years festivities??

Absolutely. 😉  Ima call it Cinco de Bon. Nice little jingle to it, I think…

Easter Seal

It’s Easter Sunday, and He Has Risen. I thank God for sending his only son down to us to die for our sins – and for giving us this beautiful day to serve as a reminder. My faith in this most generous and selfless act is forever sealed.

It’s been the best weekend of the year so far for me, and Ima happy girl. 😆 I was off Friday, so we got up that morning and headed to the (still somewhat new) indoor fleamarket in a neighboring town. After that I went to see my Dad for his birthday since they had plans the day before. That night, I packed up myself and Camille and headed to my guy’s house for the weekend. Saturday morning he cooked a feast of a breakfast including hashbrowns, then suggested we walk some of it off by visiting the new IKEA store in the University area. He had been there before, first time for me. Simply put, that place is massive.

Camille has been one trip of a cat this time around. She’s enjoyed the many springtime birds that taunt her through so many open windows. The weather’s been just perfect.

I’m currently laying out in the sun watching him wax my car. Life is good, and I don’t want this weekend to end.

22 years ago

Doesn’t seem possible it could be that many years, but it is. My little girl is 22 today.

I often think back to the time before her birth. She was comfortable right where she was at, inside me. Originally scheduled to be a Pisces, she decided to stay put for three more weeks deeming her a headstrong Aries. I was desperate to see my new baby, which led to my insane decision of taking a couple servings of Castor Oil to throw myself into labor.

It seemed like I was in the hospital a week, but it was only about two and a half days. I’ll never forget it. When I went in, the trees were barren and winter-like. No leaves, no hint of anything. On the drive home from the hospital with our new baby, the trees were full of leaves. It was as though a new season had been born for her and her alone. For this reason, I will forever associate her with Springtime.

She was a happy baby – and a happy child. So many things about her are the same as when she was little. Her smile, her laugh, her loving ways – her beauty. She will be walking across the stage to graduate college in two short months. Four years of diligent hard work has paid off for her. She’s the kind of person who will be successful at whatever she does. I’m not saying this because she’s my daughter, that’s just how it’s always been.

Several months back I posted a poem that I wrote for my daughter when she was about 3 years old, found in a lost journal. She’s read it before, but I’m gonna post it again here. No other day more fitting than her birthday.

My Julia….
It seems so many years
Since the day when you were born
I’m blessed I feel, as I recall
there will come many more.
You’re more than I ever asked for
So innocent and true
Already my dreams are answered
If there’s nothing else you do.
Believe me, bug, that when I tell
My dreams of you to some
They know, as I, that you’ll succeed
That you’ve already won.


Luck o’ de Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I’m not one of those once-a-year Irish pretenders, truth is dat I’ve actually got a good bit ‘o Irish blood runnin’ through me veins… anyway… take a shamrock wit ya fer luck…


Anyone acquainted with Ireland knows that the morning of St. Patrick’s Day consists of the night of the 17th of March flavored strongly with the morning of the 18th.


Why should you never iron a 4-leaf clover? You don’t want to press your luck. (Bah-dah-BAH…)



May the Irish hills caress you. May her lakes and rivers bless you. May the luck of the Irish enfold you. May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you.~Irish Blessing


May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and the road downhill all the way to your door.~Irish Blessing


There are only two kinds of people in the world, The Irish and those who wish they were. 😀  (Hey, I didn’t make that up!)

In the Life of Bon, I got a helluva lot done yesterday. After work I ran a few errands. When I got home I got a bathroom cleaned and the linens washed, cleaned and rearranged my balcony to better accomodate the pre-Spring clutter, and switched out my closet from winter to Spring. That last feat took upwards of 3 hours. It was so worth it though – everything looks so much better and I have a little more order. This morning, my car was filled with 4 bags of nonsense to dispose of.

I noticed this morning the critters are already out. By critters I mean bugs. Ugh. When I went out the front door this thing that resembled a miniature dragonfly mixed with a fly swarmed my face. Apparently I invaded it’s home on my front door.

But you’re still welcome, Spring. Any time.




Let’s go racing on ♥ day

Valentines Day. The day of ‘love’. Now there’s a difficult word – or can it be considered a state of mind? If you have it, hold onto it and cherish that which you love, the one that loves you. Think about those harsh words before they pass through your lips. It’s true what they say, you can’t take back the words once they’re spoken.

This is the best Heart Day I’ve had in a very long time. I had breakfast cooked for me, complete with fresh strawberries cut into little hearts. 🙂 I have to admit this breakfast blew the one I cooked yesterday morning right out of the water.

And so it begins. Today is also considered the superbowl of racing, the Daytona 500. I’m actually looking forward to it today, since I’ll get to watch it on a big-screen plasma with surround sound (obviously not mine). When given the choice of staying home and watching it on my 25″ regular television or the aforementioned one at my guy’s house, well that’s just a no-brainer.

Freshly showered, belly full and ready to go green shortly. For me, this always signals the beginning of Spring. Only thirty-five short days away from the official first day!

Tomorrow’s come

Well that day is here. It’s Saturday, and it’s time to go home. We just finished breakfast and got back to our room, and to say it’s cold is an understatement – it’s a brisk thirty degrees outside. The workers in the restaurant were all abuzz about the weather, talking about what an oddity it is for ‘these parts’. For the next five days, the forecasted lows are supposed to be in the lower twenties. Glad I won’t be here for that.

Got up around 6:30-ish because my bf wanted some good shots of the sunrise, seeing as how this is the first time we’ve actually seen the sun come up here. They did turn out to be some gorgeous shots.

Not much to do today in the way of loading the car since we pretty much got all that knocked out last night. We are still being entertained by the early morning Dolphin Show from up high. They are putting on quite the grand finale for us – cresting the top of the water while blowing out water, even making splashes now and then with their tails.

I gotta say that, aside from myself of course, I’ve never seen someone love the ocean so much as my guy. Even now as I write this, he’s on the balcony giving me updates every so often. He cannot keep his eyes off the sea, waves and fish. To see it through his eyes these past few days has been precious – almost like seeing it for the first time all over again myself. It has made me appreciate it that much more.

We’ll be on the road soon. We will, however, be leaving a large piece of our souls here on the shoreline.

Until next time….

A Breather

Yeah I’m breathing again. It’s nice to have the hustle and bustle behind me, I feel somewhat relieved. Not meaning to sound like Scrooge or anything.

Yesterday was nice. We did my boyfriends family’s Christmas at his Mom’s house, who supplied us with good food and good fellowship. These folks make me feel comfortable, almost as if I’ve known them for years.

We got back to our side of town and exchanged our gifts to each other while having a few drinks. I’ve gotta say, this man ‘o mine WAY overdid it with me – I’m not used to being spoiled like that.

Today I plan on seeing what Dad is doing, I still haven’t seen him for Christmas. At least the rain is gone, we actually had flash flooding in some areas around here. The bad news is the rain is forecasted to return during our New Years beach trip next week. Crossing my fingers tightly in hopes of that one going the other way.

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas, everyone. It is literally a torrential downpour out there this morning, but it’s ‘warm’ in a sense, and we need the rain. My plants are lovin’ it.

We had a truly awesome Christmas Eve here last night. It was quaint, with the guests consisting of my daughter, my Mom and her husband, and my guy. The meal turned out great, although I admit I did stress over it just a bit. Although the turkey was initially uncooperative, it turned out very tender and tasty.

Everybody got here around five-ish. I popped open a bottle of pinot grigio, while the guys opted for a beer. We all sat around the table and talked for an hour or so before dinner. My daughter has such a good sense of humor that we were all constantly kept in stitches (umm she gets that from me, haha!).

The event of the night happened when we ‘let’ Camille (my spoiled cat) open her gift that my boyfriend had gotten her. It was one of those spring-loaded tunnels with a window with which to climb in and out of, and even has touch-sensored lights that go around the darn thing!! She LOVED it, and we got a lot of laughter out of watching her play with it.

When everybody left about nine, my daughter and I popped open a fresh bottle of wine and opened our gifts to each other. We really had a good time together and I’ll have to say her being here has made my Christmas. Additionally, she taught me how to use a traditional wine bottle opener. Big smile! A little into the evening her Dad started texting her. He’s in CO for the holidays with his girlfriend and her family. I know he’s missing her something fierce, and I really felt for him in that way last night. He’s never been away from her at Christmas, and well, that’s one thing that will never change – that girl is both of our hearts. Even with us now having parted ways, let’s face it – she’s the one thing that we will always have in common, and share a deep understanding of within each other.

It’s Christmas morning now, and I’m getting ready to cook a light breakfast and wake my lil’ 21-yr old up to get her stocking. This afternoon I’m going to my guy’s Mother’s house where we’ll visit his family, and I’m looking forward to that. Tonight, he and I will do our Christmas back at his house. A beautiful Christmas it was this year – much better than the last. I may still get over to Daniel Stowe and see the lights before it’s all said and done.

And oh, I forgot – another first happened for me last night when my daughter talked me into using my dishwasher for the first time here. I’ve lived here a year and a half and didn’t even know if the thing worked. Come to find out – it works quite well. 🙂

Christmas Eve

This will be a short and to-the-point update, since my guests will be arriving in around 3 short hours.

Christmas Eve is at my place this year. I’m enjoying the thought of it, that is until I get an uncooperative turkey breast who doesn’t want to roast sitting up like a good boy, but instead is lazy and wants to lay on his side. I just gave up and decided to let him have his way, we’ll see how it turns out. There will be plenty of other dishes to enjoy if his little nap turns out to be the demise of our main dish.

I braved the annual last-minute rush at Walmart this morning, yes on Christmas Eve. I got there at 8am and it really wasn’t bad at all. I had my six errands done and was back home by about 10:30. Not bad, all in all. If our paychecks had gone in yesterday like was planned, I wouldn’t have had to do all this running around today. It kept me on my toes though, and I thank God that my check went in at all.

My babygirl is spending Christmas with me this year. It’s only been about a year and a half since her Daddy and I split up, so really we’re still kind of green as to how to re-tradition the holiday events. I have clean sheets on her bed – clean comforter and the works. Extra fabric softener added to the wash has the whole room smelling good. But, if she decides to sleep with me tonight that’ll be fine too. The extra room does tend to get a little drafty.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll go over to my bf’s mother’s place, where his family will be gathering. I’m looking forward to that and I know he is too.

Gentle readers, I wish for you all a very Merry Christmas. Let’s not forget to wish Jesus a Happy Birthday!

Christmas pasts

No, I didn’t spell it wrong, or mis-phrase it. The way it reads just makes more sense to me. Not Christmases, or Christmases past. But rather the many ‘pasts‘ that stick out in my mind whenever I think of Christmas.

Barringer. A brand new pair of shiny black patent leather lace-up boots from my uncle and aunt. Came all the way up to my knees, they did. I laced ’em up right there on the couch as soon as I unwrapped them, my family laughing while my uncle videotaped me. Back then, these videos landed on movie reels. That same year in ’73 I got a jewelry box slammed full of jewelry…. I felt like a princess with all that bling. A princess with mega bling and shiny black boots. I didn’t know it at the time, but the pattern of my taste in life was forming, even then.

Collingwood. Mom and Mammaw had both worked that Christmas eve. Still in her uniform, Mammaw was so exhausted that she laid down in the floor right underneath that Christmas tree. My uncle, Mom’s youngest brother, trotted in with many bags and a huge stuffed dog that was taller than me. That dog ended up being mine, it was too big to wrap. Every year he would go out on Christmas eve and to do his Christmas shopping, hauling the load in at the last minute for Mom and Mammaw to wrap up. That night, Mom laid down with me to get me to sleep so that Santa could come. She fell asleep with me, and Mammaw decided to let her sleep. Later that night, through the bedroom window, I saw my Mammaw and uncle dragging a new bike in for me – to Bon, from Santa. 🙂

Old Dowd. A box FULL of new books. Not any old box – I’m talking a box of epic proportions. There must’ve been 40-50 new books in that one box. The Little House on the Prairie collection, several Tom Sawyer adventures, Little Women, and so many more that I can’t remember. I recall sleeping with some of those books that night, the smell of fresh new books was intoxicating. It was an awesome gift that I enjoyed for many years, from my loving Mama.

Hartford. Ham and lots of goodies to eat. Great uncle J talking with no one listening. My first pair of designer jeans, Calvin Klein himself embroidered on the rear pocket. They were too small and had to be exchanged later, but it was official – I was now cool. Maybe not in my peers eyes, but definitely in my own! Archie, the family dog, gets to experience his once-a-year visit inside the house – much resembling the running of the bulls with the addition of a red Christmas bow stuck to his head.

Ever notice the memories of your childhood Christmas pasts usually involve the gifts you received? The ones that made the biggest impact on you often stick in your memory like glue.

Sloan. My Mother’s boyfriend. I wasn’t so sure about this guy…. didn’t think his intentions were quite up to par with what I knew she deserved. Besides, who did he think he was trying to horn in on our family time? I go my own way, where I want, when I want. Hell I just moved back in from being gone for almost a year, and this guy’s practically running the show. Then again, my Mammaw seems to like him. Mammaw’s a pretty good judge of character, and she’s rarely wrong. Hmm, he gave me a stereo for Christmas. This guy may not be all bad. I’ll just have to keep my eye on him.

Fort Mill. My precious little baby girl made out like a bandit, and I’m so glad. Christmas is different now, somehow… I can’t quite put my finger on why, but know enough to realize it involves the newest part of me – my baby daughter. So THIS is why they say that children make Christmas. I have a family of my own now, added to my existing family, plus my new extended family – that of my husbands. Wow, this holds promise of getting a bit hectic. But hey, that’s Christmas! Oh, and that boyfriend of Mom’s? He’s now my stepdaddy, and pawpaw to my baby girl. And a fine job he’s doing at both.

Abbey/Village Lake. Blessed Christmases. Always blessed, always getting way more than we deserve. It’s not necessarily gifts that stick out in my mind now, rather it’s the multitude of bounties our families bestow upon us during Christmas that seems to always catch us up. We all truly have an abundance, thanks given to our families and God. Okay, there is one time around this era where gifts really do stick out. That would be the Christmas when my husband accidentally threw all his gifts away.

Scarlet. Mammaw’s sick. Really sick. She insisted on getting through Christmas without a hospital visit, but this was a bad idea. She can barely breathe, both her face and body are really swollen. Congestive heart failure is what it ends up being – little did we know then. Fast forward to another Christmas. Pawpaw isn’t feeling well. He’s trying to deal, but running a fever, thinks it’s the flu. It might’ve been the flu then. But it wasn’t the flu that caused his heart to fail in front of us two weeks later.

Poplar Forest. New house, and so proud to have Christmas here. Much has changed in past years, we have two who are no longer with us and are reminded of that pain especially during the holidays. Baby girl is continuing to grow into a fine young lady – downside of this is gifts are getting much harder to pick for her. My most memorable gift – my wedding ring set that my husband had reset from yellow into white gold, given to me on Christmas eve. Little did either of us know then of what was to come in the near future.

Hamilton’s Harbor. I have only one Christmas here, so far – but in a couple of weeks I’ll have two, and with that more memories made. The one Christmas here consisted mainly of my past memories. This can be a good thing, as well as being detrimental – but I have to remember that every single thing we’ve experienced and endured in our lives shapes the person we are today. You either learn and grow… or you let it defeat you. Things change, life changes, and we must go on.

‘God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.’ ~James Matthew Barrie, Scottish dramatist & novelist; best known as the creator of Peter Pan

Decorating for one

For the second year, my little artificial tree looks good decorated. I remember when I bought it last December, the first Christmas on ‘my own’. My daughter had insisted I get a tree – even threatening to buy one for me and bring it over, so my hand was forced in putting one up. I made the trip to the local Walmart and picked out the least expensive artificial tree I could find. At least it matched my height – I didn’t want one shorter than me. As I tracked around browsing the different trees, the fact seemed to rush me that I was the only single person in that section. This particular evening, all the couples seemed to be happy and laughing. I hurried to the checkout to pay for my purchase and was crying by the time I hit the parking lot. Yeah, pity party is right. Those came quite easily back then.

I look back to that day and compare where I’m at now. What’s changed? What’s remained the same?

It was never my ‘wish’ to be alone. It was something that had to happen – something that I was going to have to learn to deal with, and adjust to, period. The path proved to be a long one. Having been married my entire adult life, I had to face the task of acquainting myself with Bonnie. I had to learn to know her, realize her flaws, her weaknesses, as well as the good things, like her kindnesses and warmth. From this came being able to accept myself, then like myself. A long journey it was – but yes, finally came loving myself. The old saying happens to be true, that if you don’t love yourself, no one else can love you either. That’s the part that has changed since last December.

What hasn’t changed is the fact that I still live alone – which really isn’t so much of a hindrance anymore. My loved ones still remain all around me.

Oh, and as of yesterday, something else that has changed…. I’m now also the proud owner of a Christmas door wreath. 🙂

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving. Work is done and now comes the reward – a four-day weekend. Here arrives the onset of all the holiday time off from work that has me spoiled by January, when everything’s over and schedules revert back to normal.

How I love Thanksgiving. The things I love about it? Most important would definitely be the quality time with family. I’ve gotta admit that all that good food runs a not-so-far-away second.

For years now, my favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving morning is to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in my jammies. That comes on in about an hour. I’ll then flip it over to the later parades, my very favorite being the one in Hawaii. I always imagine myself there in person watching it, hanging out underneath the palm trees, the warm tropical air brushing my skin. If I were to close my eyes during this imagery I’d even smell the coconuts and flowers, and taste the salt from the sea.

A Thanksgiving Day paper is mandatory. Last year I had to go without this precious commodity – well I wasn’t gonna let that happen again. I’ll be damned if I wasn’t up at the crack of dawn this morning to get one, and I scored. The infamous 3-inch thick Thanksgiving Day paper containing all the black Friday ads that we love to browse through while waiting on the feast to be served. Even if I can’t go out and shop, it’s a bit of a Thanksgiving tradition for me to browse through all those ads.

Thanksgiving also ushers in the irrefutable kickoff to the Christmas season, bringing with it that little rush of adrenaline. Oh, only a month now to get everything done! What to do….

I know what I’m doing. My plans of cooking were cancelled, being how my daughter and I are sick puppies. People don’t want to come over at a sick persons house to eat, understandably. I’ll just cook the turkey this weekend so as not to waste it. And today – I’ll watch my parades, browse through a bunch ‘o black Friday ads, sit around and count my many blessings, and take my babygirl out to eat at a nice restaurant tonight. We already have an awesome place picked out.

Veterans Day

The day we’ve dedicated to honor the Veterans of our Armed Services. Veterans Day – not to be confused with Memorial Day. I have to admit, a dear friend of mine had to remind me of the difference in the two observances not that long ago – for this I am grateful.

It’s still amazing how many Americans are not aware or have repressed what they’ve been taught when it comes to what Veterans Day actually stands for. I believe people tend to assume a similarity since both observances have a direct relation to our country’s military.

Memorial Day, for which the federal holiday is observed on the last Monday of May, commemorates US men and women who have actually perished during service to our country. Veterans Day is observed each November 11. Wikipedia offers this definition for Veterans Day: A celebration to honor America’s Veterans for their patriotism, love of our country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.

Veteran’s day began as a commemoration of the ending of World War I, the Great War – on November 11, 1918. It was originally dedicated as Armistice Day, armistice meaning ‘temporary cessation of hostilities’. After World War II, it was recognized as a day to pay tribute to all service members – then, come 1954 it was redefined as Veterans Day. Other more specific timelines exist between this, some of which I found very interesting via the link below.

To all our Veterans and continued Service Men and Women, I would like to thank you – you are my Hero. I will most likely never get to meet you. I won’t have the pleasure of shaking your hand, giving you a hug or even looking you in the eye while personally thanking you – just know the continued hope I have for our country has been hinged upon your service. No words may ever express my most sincere appreciation for the freedom I have today – which is a direct result of your strength, bravery and loyalty to our country.