To each his own. To me my own.

Cinco de Marizona

Spanish for ‘fifth of May’, Cinco de Mayo is a non-obligatory federal holiday that commemorates the Mexican army’s defeat over French forces over unlikely odds at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

With all the illegal immigration crap going on right now, especially in our great State of Arizona, this year I find the ‘holiday’ somewhat amusing. Jan Brewer (governor of AZ) has just declared that the Cinco de Mayo festivities will no longer take place in the state of Arizona. Well… Laugh My Effing Ass Off.

I am not opposed to immigrants. Geez people, I myself am an immigrant from a different continent. I have brothers who are of Peruvian decent. But guess what – we’re all fucking legal.  How many times do I have to say it. It’s the effing ILLEGALS!?! To which my very own taxes are now being rerouted to in order to keep them up. It’s no wonder the tax man wants to collect $1200 from me for the fiscal year of 2009.

Guess what – we’re all in trouble anyway. Damage done is already irreparable. Approximately 23 million illegals (let’s not forget to keep that ticker going) are currently living in the United States. That’s right – I said MILLION. And currently.

It’s a joke to think even a small percentage of this overwhelming population can speak anything other than their native spanish language. If you’ve been out in public even semi-recently, you know better. Push one for English, two for Spa – this spells one thing for me… rage. But pay no mind, the damage has already been done. No more can we say English as a prerequisite ‘would save America TONS of money… and Mexico, it would lend your country additional aptitude as well’. We all know intellect breeds money, which they are so desperate in need of. Nah. Too bad, so sad. The tables have already been turned, and for quite some time now.

I could write on this topic all night long, but have likely voiced my opinion on the subject here previously anyways so I’ll spare you. So back to the original topic, which is Cinco de Mayo. Will the Bonster be partaking in this years festivities??

Absolutely. 😉  Ima call it Cinco de Bon. Nice little jingle to it, I think…


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