To each his own. To me my own.

Post Cinco

Not good to wake up the morning after Cinco de Mayo sick. Not from alcohol, either – throat is almost swollen shut and had chills the latter half of the night. Crap, I guess there goes my longass tenure of wellness that I so often brag about.

After choking on my own phlegm a couple times while trying to doze back off (I know ewww) I got up this morning and megaloaded up on vitamin C’s. Ima fight it with every fiber of my being – which right now all of my fibers seem to be sore.

We went out to the local Mexican eatery last night, and I’ve never seen such a crowd there. Then again I don’t remember ever going out for Mexican on Cinco de Mayo before, either. I think every person in our little lake town had the exact same idea, at the exact same time. It was pretty funny to see the people continually walking up spewing in and all of them have the same look on their face – shock. Couldn’t stir ’em with a stick. (For you non-Southerners out there… that means mega-crowded.) It was a great meal though, and I made a happy plate. We also made a pitcher of margaritas happy. 😆

Ugghh I hate being sick. Kick in already, Vit C’s.


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