To each his own. To me my own.

A beautiful heart…

K found him on a jobsite, lying on his back. He picked him up, turned him over, and inspected him for injury. The little guy appeared to be okay… his little head and arms moved ever so slowly, but he was alive. He kept him safe until the workday’s end and decided to take him home. He made a little temporary aquarium with about 1″ of dirt and mulch, water, and made a little igloo for him to hide in from a half a naval orange peel he cut with a little ‘door’.

My boyfriend had found a endangered box turtle. This little thing is tiny – only a tad bigger than his own thumbprint. He likely would never have survived, as he was stuck on his back beside a fence in the middle of nothing but red dust.

When I drove up Saturday, he directed me over to his birdbath to ‘meet’ him. Little Autobot had been placed in the birdbath, along with his little ‘hut’ to hide in. He proudly told me he had just eaten for the first time, a large worm K had just caught and put in the container for him. So far he’s been ‘catching’ his protein for him (worms and insects).

Sunday we drove over to PetSmart, since he wanted to secure Autobot a more permanent home. He found a nice little aquarium along with a watering stone, a permanent hut (igloo made from a coconut) and some food for when insects or other veggies aren’t available.

This is yet another reason I have found to love him even more, which I didn’t think was possible. I’m continually being reminded of the enormous and beautiful heart this man has.


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