To each his own. To me my own.

Christmas Eve

This will be a short and to-the-point update, since my guests will be arriving in around 3 short hours.

Christmas Eve is at my place this year. I’m enjoying the thought of it, that is until I get an uncooperative turkey breast who doesn’t want to roast sitting up like a good boy, but instead is lazy and wants to lay on his side. I just gave up and decided to let him have his way, we’ll see how it turns out. There will be plenty of other dishes to enjoy if his little nap turns out to be the demise of our main dish.

I braved the annual last-minute rush at Walmart this morning, yes on Christmas Eve. I got there at 8am and it really wasn’t bad at all. I had my six errands done and was back home by about 10:30. Not bad, all in all. If our paychecks had gone in yesterday like was planned, I wouldn’t have had to do all this running around today. It kept me on my toes though, and I thank God that my check went in at all.

My babygirl is spending Christmas with me this year. It’s only been about a year and a half since her Daddy and I split up, so really we’re still kind of green as to how to re-tradition the holiday events. I have clean sheets on her bed – clean comforter and the works. Extra fabric softener added to the wash has the whole room smelling good. But, if she decides to sleep with me tonight that’ll be fine too. The extra room does tend to get a little drafty.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll go over to my bf’s mother’s place, where his family will be gathering. I’m looking forward to that and I know he is too.

Gentle readers, I wish for you all a very Merry Christmas. Let’s not forget to wish Jesus a Happy Birthday!


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