To each his own. To me my own.

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas, everyone. It is literally a torrential downpour out there this morning, but it’s ‘warm’ in a sense, and we need the rain. My plants are lovin’ it.

We had a truly awesome Christmas Eve here last night. It was quaint, with the guests consisting of my daughter, my Mom and her husband, and my guy. The meal turned out great, although I admit I did stress over it just a bit. Although the turkey was initially uncooperative, it turned out very tender and tasty.

Everybody got here around five-ish. I popped open a bottle of pinot grigio, while the guys opted for a beer. We all sat around the table and talked for an hour or so before dinner. My daughter has such a good sense of humor that we were all constantly kept in stitches (umm she gets that from me, haha!).

The event of the night happened when we ‘let’ Camille (my spoiled cat) open her gift that my boyfriend had gotten her. It was one of those spring-loaded tunnels with a window with which to climb in and out of, and even has touch-sensored lights that go around the darn thing!! She LOVED it, and we got a lot of laughter out of watching her play with it.

When everybody left about nine, my daughter and I popped open a fresh bottle of wine and opened our gifts to each other. We really had a good time together and I’ll have to say her being here has made my Christmas. Additionally, she taught me how to use a traditional wine bottle opener. Big smile! A little into the evening her Dad started texting her. He’s in CO for the holidays with his girlfriend and her family. I know he’s missing her something fierce, and I really felt for him in that way last night. He’s never been away from her at Christmas, and well, that’s one thing that will never change – that girl is both of our hearts. Even with us now having parted ways, let’s face it – she’s the one thing that we will always have in common, and share a deep understanding of within each other.

It’s Christmas morning now, and I’m getting ready to cook a light breakfast and wake my lil’ 21-yr old up to get her stocking. This afternoon I’m going to my guy’s Mother’s house where we’ll visit his family, and I’m looking forward to that. Tonight, he and I will do our Christmas back at his house. A beautiful Christmas it was this year – much better than the last. I may still get over to Daniel Stowe and see the lights before it’s all said and done.

And oh, I forgot – another first happened for me last night when my daughter talked me into using my dishwasher for the first time here. I’ve lived here a year and a half and didn’t even know if the thing worked. Come to find out – it works quite well. 🙂


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