To each his own. To me my own.

Group Effort

Nature fascinates me, I think that’s obvious. All of us at the office have this in common. It’s my opinion, I know but – it’s a wonderful thing to have in common. We’re blessed with huge windows that span approximately 12′ wide or more, enhancing our viewing pleasure to begin with. It’s all way too inviting.

About 10am on a Tuesday morning, from the hallway window most of us had already noticed more than a herd of Canadian geese headed our way from down the road. Okay, I know Canadian geese aren’t usually a favorite, and are often considered a hindrance. But, we’ve more than adopted all of the wildlife surrounding us and, well – I have stories. Some funny, some sad. On this day the group consisted of many more than I was able to get in the picture – more up on the hill to the left… and MANY more to the immediate right of me, on our lawn.

Amazingly enough, even being geese, these little guys were truckin’ quickly down the road. I ran back to my spot for my camera, then came the long sprint to the front door, and outside to the road even further. My coworkers stood guard from the front window. 🙂 Once I got within snapshot distance, it was SO funny… out of that long line of geese (so much more to the left and right of the camera that I couldn’t capture) they just STOPPED, with each of them turning their profile view to me. They were moving along so quickly…. but they just halted. It was hilarious, and this is how they appear in the picture.

This afternoon, I was talking to my 21-yr old daughter who was running a 100 degree fever, sick with a bug at home. I spied 6-7 deer outside my window (once again). Our ‘code’ at work for a mass deer sighting consists of yelling ‘DEER… DEER… DEER… DEER…’ until all the other employees have safely made it to the window. I ended up interrupting my daughters conversation to sound the deer alarm. I do think she understood our outlandish antics. 🙂


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