To each his own. To me my own.


The Comfortability Factor

An instance happened the other day that I’m unable to shake. I decided to share it with all of you.

Two days ago, the word came for my guy to go back to work. He’s been laid off for several months now – the economy’s really played hell on new construction. Being a mechanic, they have mandatory ‘helpers’ and work together as a team. Needing to start the job immediately, his BA gave him the opportunity to call other laid-off helpers he’s worked with in the past, thereby assuring a good pick for the job. Of all the ones he called – only one was interested in working again. One.

The replies were all along the same line: ‘Uh, I’ll pass on this one, man.’

Are you serious? So you’ve been laid off for HOW long now and a good job comes around and ‘you’ll pass’? Are you really doing that great on unemployment? And is this unemployment check guaranteed to last until the next job opportunity comes beating at your door again?

Sorry… I just don’t get it.

So the next time you see those hefty unemployment numbers on the news, remember this little story. Something tells me the numbers that shift in this particular direction would astound us all.


Icing on the cake

And that’s sure what it was. The icing came all during the day yesterday from late afternoon on into the night. When all was said and done, about three-eighths of an inch of bonified icing topped our lovely vanilla snow cake. I am eternally thankful we never lost power.

It’s going on mid-week now, and I have yet to go to work. I realized today that my car wasn’t going to de-ice itself, neither was the driveway going to shovel itself. So we dressed, went outside and made a big show of it, huffing and puffing and sliding/sweating our little buns off – to start and finish a job we didn’t really want to do. Seeing as how the temps aren’t supposed to rise above freezing until Friday-ish, I needed to get my tail in gear and do what I had to do to get home. You see, my little treehouse is situated privately in the very back of a complex that can be tricky at best in ice – but once I get out of there, I’m on a main thoroughfare. In going back to work, there was no way I was getting out of Keith’s neighborhood any time before noon. So, I had to get home.

I really don’t mean to drill this ‘Southern’ thing into the ground when it comes to us driving, but… okay just one more time. Have I told you we just can’t drive in the stuff? Snow is bad enough, but go and add over a quarter-inch of ice over it? Impossible. Through country back-roads that have no hope of ever being scraped/brimed? Inconceivable. But, guess who did it and made the ten-mile trip back home? (And, might I add, *cough-cough* you-tubed a portion of it?)

ME! (If anyone ever had doubt as to my southern-ness before, please refer to that accent – my gosh. I’ve obviously been here awhile now.)

Okay, enough with the bragging. For those who wonder, Keith was insistent on at least following me – I just saw no logic in it. After several failed attempts at convincing me, I finally convinced him that I had a cell phone and that signals had always been plentiful through the area, with the exception of a certain spot. But hey, I also had my new snow boots on! So, Da da da-DAH da-DAH!! It’ssss Super–Bonnnn!!

Top left, a Snow-Angel named Keith; top right, icicles hanging from the roof; bottom left, a few minutes into de-icing the 'windsled'; bottom right, me cheesing in (are those really bedroom slippers??) in the snow. Don't ask where the new boots are – I have no idea.

Well, I hadn’t been at home very long at all when a crave-wave winded it’s way into my head and wafted right down to where I could literally smell it.

Chinese… take-out… mmm, good good… come and get me…

I tried to ignore it, really I tried… to no avail. Moments later I was back on the road on a Chinese food quest. I found it so weird that there was no 5 o’clock rush-hour traffic. I mean NONE. I did mention, didn’t I, that the ice and snow brought this city to a screeching halt?

So here it is, my fortune for the date 1-11-11. A very befitting one, I think, considering my day…

Guess this whole ‘I can drive now’ thing means one thing – I gotta go back to work tomorrow…

Hot water

My goodness it’s been busy at work. Not only are the orders piling in (much to our delight) but there’s been a g’normous hand-job that the whole company has been in on (okay, not that kind, for those of you out there thinking it). It’s got to do with the Special Olympics, and it consists of over a million labels. And man, is our Team getting it done.

Oddly enough, those of us my age and older are finding out that certain things ail us after a day of manual labor. Things like aching backs, necks and feet (the foot complainer would be me). After I came home, I afforded myself a long hot bath. The ultimate in home relaxation, I always say.

Oh, and ahem… along with a nice glass of wine.

It gave me some time to breathe deeply and think, instead of sitting in front of the darn computer like some zombie. To contemplate my blessings and thank God for them. My wonderful family – I’d list them all but the circle is small just like my friends, so you know who you are! My loving guy, who is going back to work on what he hopes is a permanent basis, and is so excited about the opportunity. The overtime I got today, though it wasn’t much, every little bit helps for sure. The sweltering water that surrounded me at the time. The fact that it’s Wednesday, the day my favorite show Survivor comes on (and it looks to be an exciting episode). And that means… tomorrow is Friday Eve. 😀

Ever feel rushed, or like there’s not enough time in the day to get things done?

‘To live is so startling, it leaves time for little else.’ -Emily Dickinson

In a roundabout way

Because apparently, there are still people that need reminding of this.

Yesterday we got a whole stack of these little puppies in. Yes, a stack. One for each appropriately used bathroom within our office and plant. Now I don’t work around food – I work in a print facility. That said, it’s just as important to maintain sanitary conditions here within our facility. If you think about it, printed materials generally go around or ‘house’ something anyway.

So just like pretty much everything else in life, all this ends up going in a circle.

Art by Yvonne Richer

I understand that not washing my hands will have a negative affect on others around me and I will apply my knowledge of this by directing myself to the sink for a wash-up.




Group Effort

Nature fascinates me, I think that’s obvious. All of us at the office have this in common. It’s my opinion, I know but – it’s a wonderful thing to have in common. We’re blessed with huge windows that span approximately 12′ wide or more, enhancing our viewing pleasure to begin with. It’s all way too inviting.

About 10am on a Tuesday morning, from the hallway window most of us had already noticed more than a herd of Canadian geese headed our way from down the road. Okay, I know Canadian geese aren’t usually a favorite, and are often considered a hindrance. But, we’ve more than adopted all of the wildlife surrounding us and, well – I have stories. Some funny, some sad. On this day the group consisted of many more than I was able to get in the picture – more up on the hill to the left… and MANY more to the immediate right of me, on our lawn.

Amazingly enough, even being geese, these little guys were truckin’ quickly down the road. I ran back to my spot for my camera, then came the long sprint to the front door, and outside to the road even further. My coworkers stood guard from the front window. 🙂 Once I got within snapshot distance, it was SO funny… out of that long line of geese (so much more to the left and right of the camera that I couldn’t capture) they just STOPPED, with each of them turning their profile view to me. They were moving along so quickly…. but they just halted. It was hilarious, and this is how they appear in the picture.

This afternoon, I was talking to my 21-yr old daughter who was running a 100 degree fever, sick with a bug at home. I spied 6-7 deer outside my window (once again). Our ‘code’ at work for a mass deer sighting consists of yelling ‘DEER… DEER… DEER… DEER…’ until all the other employees have safely made it to the window. I ended up interrupting my daughters conversation to sound the deer alarm. I do think she understood our outlandish antics. 🙂

Good morning, deer

This year I’m having even more trouble getting into Christmas than last year, and that’s saying a lot. The push to get myself started shopping yesterday ran into about 4 in the afternoon. Needless to say, the stores were jammed. I could swear that this one crying child followed me literally everywhere I went. ‘Tis the season.

By the time I got home I was, um, feeling my age. I just don’t remember being so tired after shopping last year. I excused it by reminding myself that I don’t go out and shop for long lengths of time regularly anyway, that this was a ‘shock to the ole body’. Shock the monkey.

Still, I’m constantly reminded of the fact that Christmas is over commercialized. This makes it tougher by the year, for me anyway, to ‘get into’ the season. Just for once I’d like to plan a trip to leave on Christmas Day or even New Years and just get the hell outta Dodge for a couple days. No responsibilities, just leave it all behind. I know a couple of people who do this. One year I’ll do it myself….

I just went by the hallway window at work where five very graceful deer stood grazing on the front lawn. I stood motionless (for a second anyway) before running back for my camera. I returned with camera in one hand, cam-phone in the other – and right away notice that they’re onto me. All five were staring straight at me – it was so funny looking, an intoxicating moment to have an entire herd of wildlife looking straight at you. I managed to get a shot of two with my regular camera, but not the entire pack (sad face). I’ll post it when I get home to my cord. The deer just made my day, quite possibly my entire week. 🙂

I’ll letcha know on that.

Two of the five