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The Comfortability Factor

An instance happened the other day that I’m unable to shake. I decided to share it with all of you.

Two days ago, the word came for my guy to go back to work. He’s been laid off for several months now – the economy’s really played hell on new construction. Being a mechanic, they have mandatory ‘helpers’ and work together as a team. Needing to start the job immediately, his BA gave him the opportunity to call other laid-off helpers he’s worked with in the past, thereby assuring a good pick for the job. Of all the ones he called – only one was interested in working again. One.

The replies were all along the same line: ‘Uh, I’ll pass on this one, man.’

Are you serious? So you’ve been laid off for HOW long now and a good job comes around and ‘you’ll pass’? Are you really doing that great on unemployment? And is this unemployment check guaranteed to last until the next job opportunity comes beating at your door again?

Sorry… I just don’t get it.

So the next time you see those hefty unemployment numbers on the news, remember this little story. Something tells me the numbers that shift in this particular direction would astound us all.


Bridge Over Troubled Water

I was talking to my mother last night, and the topic of worry came up. After some discussion as to some things that were bothering me, she asked ‘Where does it get you, really? And what does it accomplish?’ I had no answer.


I know prayer is the main key when you’re feeling overwhelmed, but I confess it doesn’t always quell the worry inside me. Of course all a person has to do when they feel the weight of the world on their shoulders is look around – for there’s always someone very near who has it a lot worse. It’s not that it makes you feel better – just lets you know that you’re not alone, and that perhaps what you have going on pales in comparison to theirs.

Worry can come from a variety of things. Too many bills, not enough money. A sick relative. Being unemployed. Health problems of your own. Drug or alcohol addiction of yourself or a loved one. Being bullied at school. Being bullied at work. A variety of these or other things can be a constant source of a knotting stomach and intense worry, as well as a variety of other emotions.

A long time ago, when I was just a kid, I found this religious tract somewhere that stated something along the lines of “Why Worry?? Don’t be a smudgepot!!” What was the meaning of this? I have no earthly idea other than saying not to worry, that we should let God handle things in His way. I remember my Mother and Grandmother seemed so impressed that I’d hit on such an integral subject at what appeared to be a much-needed time. I often think about that tract, and wish that I had it now so that I may fully absorb it’s contents. Something tells me the value within it’s pages was priceless.

Ode to Six Years

Today marks my six-year anniversary with my current employer. Ironically enough, that particular day in history also fell on a Monday! I am ever grateful for my career. It’s something that I’ve been blessed with never having to be without… a job.

Prior to my current employment, I had been with a company for 11.5 years. For all intents and purposes, it was the company I’d intended on retiring from. As it happened, a series of unfortunate events beyond my control made it necessary for me to seek employment elsewhere. I never could’ve hoped to find a job as good as the one I have now – nor can I say enough good about the group of people I work with.

And so I’ll say it again, because it bears repeating over and over – timing really is everything.

Hot water

My goodness it’s been busy at work. Not only are the orders piling in (much to our delight) but there’s been a g’normous hand-job that the whole company has been in on (okay, not that kind, for those of you out there thinking it). It’s got to do with the Special Olympics, and it consists of over a million labels. And man, is our Team getting it done.

Oddly enough, those of us my age and older are finding out that certain things ail us after a day of manual labor. Things like aching backs, necks and feet (the foot complainer would be me). After I came home, I afforded myself a long hot bath. The ultimate in home relaxation, I always say.

Oh, and ahem… along with a nice glass of wine.

It gave me some time to breathe deeply and think, instead of sitting in front of the darn computer like some zombie. To contemplate my blessings and thank God for them. My wonderful family – I’d list them all but the circle is small just like my friends, so you know who you are! My loving guy, who is going back to work on what he hopes is a permanent basis, and is so excited about the opportunity. The overtime I got today, though it wasn’t much, every little bit helps for sure. The sweltering water that surrounded me at the time. The fact that it’s Wednesday, the day my favorite show Survivor comes on (and it looks to be an exciting episode). And that means… tomorrow is Friday Eve. 😀

Ever feel rushed, or like there’s not enough time in the day to get things done?

‘To live is so startling, it leaves time for little else.’ -Emily Dickinson