To each his own. To me my own.

Easter Seal

It’s Easter Sunday, and He Has Risen. I thank God for sending his only son down to us to die for our sins – and for giving us this beautiful day to serve as a reminder. My faith in this most generous and selfless act is forever sealed.

It’s been the best weekend of the year so far for me, and Ima happy girl. 😆 I was off Friday, so we got up that morning and headed to the (still somewhat new) indoor fleamarket in a neighboring town. After that I went to see my Dad for his birthday since they had plans the day before. That night, I packed up myself and Camille and headed to my guy’s house for the weekend. Saturday morning he cooked a feast of a breakfast including hashbrowns, then suggested we walk some of it off by visiting the new IKEA store in the University area. He had been there before, first time for me. Simply put, that place is massive.

Camille has been one trip of a cat this time around. She’s enjoyed the many springtime birds that taunt her through so many open windows. The weather’s been just perfect.

I’m currently laying out in the sun watching him wax my car. Life is good, and I don’t want this weekend to end.


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