To each his own. To me my own.


I’ve not been on the computer very much this weekend (my weekend started Friday) and that’s a good thing I know. I’ve had some good down time with the boyfriend and plan to continue that!! I love being off… relaxing and not having an agenda – pretty cool.

My iPhone messed up (I can’t believe I’m writing that) (because Macs don’t mess up). It all started about 3 days ago when it started giving around 3-second delays on literally every command I gave it. I did the normal power-off/on thing and even got rid of a few apps that I thought could be offending it. No go. The delays got longer and longer, then it started sending my calls to voicemail. Texts weren’t even feasible to type, they’d drag ass with the delays and I couldn’t even tell what I’d typed. It was literally making me crazy. I contacted my cousin who is a phone technician and he told me to try the restore feature in iTunes and see if that helped, if not to take it to Apple and they’d replace it since it’s still under a year old – but said to him it sounded like the phone. He really knows what he’s talking about, because the restore didn’t work and we ended up making a trip to the Apple store in Southpark last night. Got me a brand new iPhone, right outta the box. Good thing too because my damn battery was about shot – hopefully this one’ll last me a while. Needless to say iPhones do not get a 5-star rating on their battery life.

I could probably find more to write about today, but there’s only one thing that I’m really itching to write about.

I drove a fucking Corvette yesterday. YEAH BABY!!

Now those of you who actually know me are already aware of the fact that it takes very little in life to please me. I’m not high-maintenance, I abhor drama, I love to laugh, and I can probably be boring at times (neehhh… if you catch me on a bad day). Those of you who know me also know that my car of choice has always been a Corvette. Not only have I never ridden in one (well, except when I was a kid when my uncle used to get a new one every year, I think I might’ve rode or SAT in his once) but I’ve certainly never driven one. Well, mark one down for the Bonster. Not only have I now driven a Corvette, I have the effing fever. You heard it here, folks – if an assload of money dropped in my lap right this second and I could buy just one thing, I would have difficulty deciding between a boat and a Corvette. If the said assload of money dropped down today… I’d hate it for the boat because the Corvette would most certainly win out.

K traded cars for the day/night with his brother, the ‘Vette owner. After the Apple store trip, we swung back by my apartment to resync my iPhone which had to be done on my home Mac. We got down past the grocery stores on 49, and he pulled over in the grass at a redlight and started opening the door. I asked ‘what are you doing?’ to which he replied ‘you’re driving’. Well, he had mentioned me driving it earlier in the day, after verifying I could drive stick. I wasn’t gonna mention it again… I mean it wasn’t even his car, and just to ride in it was prize enough for me. The thought also crossed my mind that he might’ve doubted my ability to drive it, or thought I might be sluggish on a stick, etc. Anyway, it took me all of 3 seconds to jump out of the passenger seat and fly around the back of the car (the shortest route, lol) to the drivers seat.

Being able to drive this car was like a gift to me. I think I surprised K because I just shoved the thing into gear and took off. Sweet little 6-speed with a nice tight gear ratio. I could SO get used to that… the steering wheel hugged the road like I’ve always heard. His brother had the engine rebuilt and I’m not sure of the size, etc. – but I can tell you this thing’ll flat out SCAT, K told me they’ve had it to 140+ on the highway and I can definitely believe it. My God, the pick-up it has, when you’re driving it the engine just screams power. He let me get down on it (actually i didn’t ASK) and I love all those gears and that vicious feeling of power under the pedal. It was a feeling like I’ve never had while driving before until that moment. Umm-hmm… I would venture to compare the euphoria to another pleasurable act, but I’ll keep it G-rated.

So if you didn’t believe me before, you surely do now. It doesn’t take much to please ole’ Bon. Everyone have a magnificent and safe Memorial Day weekend… peace out.


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