To each his own. To me my own.

Sunday best

There’s not really much going on today. Race comes on a little later, for which we’ll have a front row seat – on television. Plans are to just hang out by the pool if the weather allows, and I think it will. Last night we went to a birthday party for K’s sis-in-law. It was pretty cool because there was a couple there who sang, and they were very very good. They sang two songs they wrote in the beginning that could be country hits, seriously. They had to leave about 9 since they were gigging up at a local bar up the street.

This has been a weekend of some true down-time and I’ve loved every minute of it. Last night when we got back from the party, we swung by my apartment and scooped up my cat and came back to K’s house. Camille has really become a traveling kitty. She loves it here and she loves K – he does everything for her, she’s just rotten. He opens up just about every window he has for her to get in, and she has no trouble partaking. He won’t be able to do that when it starts getting really hot outside, though. The other family of bird’s babies just hatched either yesterday or today, it’s been fun watching them too. Two full families of birds, different species, living literally less than a foot apart amazes me still. They do not like Camille, though. You’ve never heard so much fussing when she jumps up in that window.

Gonna relax and enjoy the rest of the Sunday. Sunday best… y’all keep it real.


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