To each his own. To me my own.


Flip flops

It’s gonna be that ‘great kind of weekend’. Got a room reserved waiting for us at the beach, just need to get down there. Only flip flops shall adorn these feet this weekend, as I’m not taking any other kind of shoes. Well, maybe I will take some tennies – but as a last of the season rebellion I’ll strive hard not to wear them.

Hope everyone has a beautiful and blessed weekend…

Fallin’ back

Made it through another week! Now, if I could just find 5 o’clock.

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Come to think of it… it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Sure wish I could juggle bottles as good as the bartender in this video. Happy weekend, everyone – and don’t forget to tack on that extra hour Saturday night. 😀

Oh BARTENDER…. over here please….


Today has all the makings of a Monday. What better day to start a new month? Alarm clock sounds at 5 am. My bleary-eyed kitty hops on the sink for a drink before I have the chance to gargle and brush. A lonely drive in to work in the overwhelming darkness (go away, daylight savings time). The familiarity of pulling into my comfortable little parking space at work. Deeeep breath.

It was such a wonderful weekend. We drove up to the mountains, in a different area than we normally visit. Near Brevard, NC there’s a town called Linville Falls. With not enough time left in the day to make the trails to the Falls, K suggested the Linville Caverns. I had never been in the Caverns before, it was pretty neat. Of course, we had to hit Woodlands BBQ before we headed home. 🙂

U.S. National Whitewater Center is actually an olympic training facility in Charlotte, NC that I’d never been to in all the years it’s been there. The cool thing about it is there’s a flat fee of five bucks to park – then there’s acres and acres of trails to your liking. We opted for the easy mile track around the ‘river’. Got three miles in, not too shabby! There’s lots of interesting scenery to be had here, unlike my monotonous (yawn) treadmill.

I’d been itching to see Shawshank Redemption again (awesome movie). Although I know many parts of it by heart, I never tire of seeing this flick. Keith built a fire beforehand, I had a nice glass of wine and Camille took her place in front of it.

Yesterday we washed the cars and put a nice winter coat of wax on mine. As I came down the steps this morning, even in the dark ole’ Betsy gleamed to perfection

I never want the weekends to end, but life must continue on. All packed up and back to reality. Blessings to all for a great week!

25 October

Yesterday was nice. After a quiet weekend at home, I decided I needed to actually get out and about at least once over the weekend. So I called up Mom and we went down to a neighboring town to a mall to do a little window shopping.

I’ll start by saying I hate malls. I mean, I really do. Most women love malls – but I only go to them when I absolutely have to. This is usually once a year, at Christmas. Any other time that warrants a mall, I’ll make the trek down to this sweet little neighboring town. The Galleria is just what it is – a one-level mall that has a Belk, Sears and JCPenney. It is minus a slew of other stores the other huge malls offer, but pretty much offers all the ones I need, so I always gravitate there. We had some good mom and daughter time.

Later on that evening, my heart came over and we went out to eat at Cracker Barrel. I must admit I have missed him terribly this weekend – that old saying ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’ is a gross understatement.

On to a brand new week… and I hope everyone has a comfortable and undemanding one. 🙂

Going Up

I’ve been going into bloggie DT’s. True I’m sitting underneath a Carolina blue sky on a beautiful day, but the yearn to post something these past few days has more than gotten to me. For some reason on Sundays I always get either really nostalgic or fall into a semi state of depression. It is, after all, the day the weekend ends and I have to go back home to my worklife daily ritual. I’m very thankful for my ritual, my job and the whole nine yards, don’t get me wrong. It just pains me to see Friday into Saturday into Sunday, end.

Short of driving up to the mountains this weekend (we knew better, it’s prime weekend for the season so we’ll just exercise crowd-control) we’re planning to ride 5 minutes past K’s house to a local mountain, not near as high as it’s lofty counterparts but shall satisfy the ole’ mountain yearn nonetheless. It’s a state park called Crowder’s Mountain, and the mountain is only accessible through hiking. The last time I was up there, I was 6 months pregnant. It was me, my husband and another couple, the other lady was almost 9 months pregnant. It doesn’t take a glance backward to see how very stupid we were for attempting to climb a mountain that far into a pregnancy, but we all made it to the very top and came out okay. Twenty-three years later, I shall attempt it again – just not in tiptop shape this time so say a prayer for me. 🙂

We covered up K’s pool yesterday, another thing needing done but I think both of us dreaded. He just smiles and says awww every time I look our beyond the patio window and say how sad it is. Soon the trees will be barren, and everything will appear dead for several months. A Spring/Summer person I am. As hot of a Summer as we’ve had… I do try and soak up every little minute we have of the warm feel and look of those seasons.  


NFL Sunday

It’s a warm beautiful October day underneath a Carolina blue sky. Simply optimal conditions in which to catch an NFL football game.

Our Carolina Panthers are having the worst year yet at 0-5, but I’m trying not to let that dampen the ole spirits as we head into game day. We will be without our top receiver Steve Smith and starting safety Sherrod Martin against the Chicago Bears. The Panther injuries just aren’t letting up this year.

I just found out a little bit ago that a friend’s teenage son was thrown 30 feet from the back of a pickup last night and is seriously injured, on a ventilator. I’ve not been able to concentrate on anything else since I’ve heard. Please keep James in your prayers… I simply cannot imagine what his mother is going through right now.

A little R&R

What a beautiful weekend it’s already turning out to be. Forecast today, sunny and 92 – tomorrow, rainy and 68. Yep, that’s a beautiful weekend all right. Already got some movies picked out for tomorrow’s rainy day, one of which we’re getting ready to watch right now, The Talented Mr. Ripley. It’s an older one that we’ve never seen, but came very highly recommended.

After two days of a liquid diet, I finally got some solid food in me last night. Good ole’ Cracker Barrel to the rescue. 😉 It was the most fabulous meal I’ve had in a very long time. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and fried okra (with ranch). I was in complete food heaven. Ah, the things we take for granted!

Hope everyone has a restful and relaxing weekend!!

Sun day Fun day

Been a beautiful weekend so far. My brother was in town, so yesterday we went over to my Dad’s house to see him. Dad threw some steaks on the grill and we had an awesome dinner… I’d forgotten how good charcoal makes a steak taste. Huge difference.

Along the lines of food, we’re currently driving 100 miles for a BBQ dinner. Not just any BBQ dinner though, this is the place I was talking about the other day (Woodlands) that absolutely rocks. My antibiotic finally kicked in on the offending tooth, and for the first time in over a week, I’m not in any pain.

I have a great deal to be thankful for. Heck just to have the freedom, ability and resources to jump in the car and go somewhere when you want to, well that’s a huge blessing.

Weekend thoughts

Thank goodness the weekend is upon us again. Everyone I know has come to look so forward to fall, myself included. The darn temps here are back up into the nineties.

Not sure what we’ll get into this weekend, probably not much of anything which is fine by me. K did mention the local County Fair, which we went to last year and enjoyed very much, especially the animals.

Keith and I at the County Fair last year, September '09

Or maybe we’ll just hang at the house and wash the car again, it needs it. Or possibly enjoy one of the last days out by the pool. Or we could drive up to The Woodlands in the mountains for the absolute best bbq plate this side of the Dixon Line… I’m sure I’ll ponder more possibilities throughout the day. 😀

I want a pumpkin (where did that come from?!) Guess it’s too early for one of those, considering it’s ninety-plus degrees outside… yeah, think I’ll wait a little bit for the pumpkin. For now, my concentration lies in getting this infection in my tooth down so they’ll be able to pull it next Wednesday. Fun, fun.

Hope everyone has a light, bright and whimsical weekend!!

Brand spankin’ new week

Goodbye to the three-day weekend – but oh, how I enjoyed it’s stay! It brought much cooler temps and beautiful skies – a chance to rest as well as the opportunity to get some things done.

A day-trip to the mountains was just what the doctor ordered. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and the crowds were even manageable. After miles of hiking on some not-so-desirable terrain, we could both probably use the care of a doctor. The statement “we’re sore” doesn’t quite describe the magnitude of the pain. Until today, I’ve never had trouble at all getting down my stairs. I had to laugh at myself this morning and hope no one was looking as I stepped sideways down the steps in an attempt to minimize the strain.

What amazed me about Sunday was the visibility factor. One worker pointed out two mountains in the distance that are ‘local’ to us – Kings Mountain and Crowders Mountain. Those mountains were now approximately 75 miles away, and we could still make out their silhouettes perfectly. Amazing!

Now if you’ll excuse me… I’m off to see how long I’m able to break the rules by donning my white threads after Labor Day.

Two of three

On the road early this morning as we decided to take a day-trip to the mountains. It’s cool out, even at 9:30am I can barely have my window cracked while going down the road. I’m loving that!! On the other hand, it’s a stark reminder that I’m in serious need of a new winter jacket.

There’s nothing like the feel of the open road ahead of you and knowing you’re getting out of town, even for a day – makes it even more special when you’re with someone you love. This morning the Carolina Blue sky is enhanced with wispy muted white ‘streaks’, almost as though an artist placed them there with a paintbrush. I see the mountains gaining clarity in the distance, and I continue to be ever-thankful for the ability to get out and move about… freely.

One of three

Any weekend with an extra day thrown in there for good measure is an awesomely happy one for me, holiday or no holiday. Originally planned was a mountain trip, but we opted to stay off the roads this labor day a) because of the traffic and huge crowds labor day always brings, be it mountains or beaches, and b) the pickings were really slim seeing how we’d waited-last minute to look for a place. We were gonna have to settle, and neither of us liked the thought of that. Instead, I packed up myself and kittycat Camille and headed over to K’s for the long weekend.

The top thing on my to-do list was wash my car, she’d not been washed since Spring. I know I know, that’s awful. She literally was the worst I’ve ever let her get. We started on her about 10:30 this morning, and just finished up about one this afternoon. Gave her the super-special lowdown… inside and out, buffed headlights, vacuumed, cleaned out glovebox, cleaned out trunk, detail detail detail… you get the idea.

Towards the end of what we lovingly call ‘the fruits of our loins’… I’m thinking this baby now looks good enough to take for a trade-in. Nah, I’ll keep my sweet little paid-off ’04 a while longer. She’s been extremely good to me, and I recognize that for what it is. Why, just the other day she told me she’s in it for the long haul – and Good Lord willing, I’ll be right there with her. Now, that’s what I call ‘owner loyalty’. 😉

Ever hear someone talk about how their car even runs better when it’s clean? Well, it’s true… try it and see!

Dear Friday:

I love how very awesome you are. I realize you’re only celebrated on a weekly basis, but please know that tonight, my dear Friday… this is how I intend on celebrating your sweet array.

With a bit of this…

And this….

And afterwards, a little bit of this…

And finally, this…

TGIF, everyone.

It’s a good life

Yesterday after work, I packed up my bags and cat and headed over to my guys for the weekend. My neighbors are eyeing me like I leave for a beach trip every weekend or something, and even moreso stare at my cat. Like, why is she taking her cat on a trip too? Ha ha, gotta keep ’em guessing, I always say.

Having a friend and his daughters over to swim, they actually just got here. I may grace the page with a picture later once my phone is good and charged. His dog, a brown lab named Brandy, loves to swim and has bad arthritis so the exercise does her good. He wanted his both his daughters to have the opportunity to swim with Brandy, and it should be a good day, looks like the rain’s gonna hold off for a while. Later, we’ll cook out before they head off to the beach after dinner.

Beach, ah Beach… did I just say Beach. 😦

K and I headed down 321 to this little consignment shop that he had been telling me about. It was an enjoyable morning, this area is so ‘lone’ that it’s so refreshing. No congestion, trees and landscape as far as you can see (no city limits baby). Not but about two miles or so from his house is this little ‘town’ called Boiling Greens, SC, that’s where the consignment shop was, right off the highway.  Just like the area where I live, Lake Wylie, people are just different here. Slower-paced, friendlier. Simpler. I swear if I didn’t have to cross the bridge to come to work, I would rarely if ever even come to Charlotte.

Loving my life, and the fact that it’s the weekend. And so I raise my glass of tea to good friends, good family, good health, and good times.

Sunday best

There’s not really much going on today. Race comes on a little later, for which we’ll have a front row seat – on television. Plans are to just hang out by the pool if the weather allows, and I think it will. Last night we went to a birthday party for K’s sis-in-law. It was pretty cool because there was a couple there who sang, and they were very very good. They sang two songs they wrote in the beginning that could be country hits, seriously. They had to leave about 9 since they were gigging up at a local bar up the street.

This has been a weekend of some true down-time and I’ve loved every minute of it. Last night when we got back from the party, we swung by my apartment and scooped up my cat and came back to K’s house. Camille has really become a traveling kitty. She loves it here and she loves K – he does everything for her, she’s just rotten. He opens up just about every window he has for her to get in, and she has no trouble partaking. He won’t be able to do that when it starts getting really hot outside, though. The other family of bird’s babies just hatched either yesterday or today, it’s been fun watching them too. Two full families of birds, different species, living literally less than a foot apart amazes me still. They do not like Camille, though. You’ve never heard so much fussing when she jumps up in that window.

Gonna relax and enjoy the rest of the Sunday. Sunday best… y’all keep it real.

Beautiful Long Day

It’s here. The Sunday that begins all those long warm days of Spring and Summer. And it’s beautiful outside… hence my title.

I’ve had such an awesome weekend, with the exception of one minor set of female issues I’ve had to deal with. It was actually so bad yesterday that I had to cancel plans to go out with my bestfriend and her husband, and I so hated that. The symptoms are definitely getting worse as I get older. The only silver lining I currently see in this is that in a couple of days I’ll actually be okay again for a whole month. Hopefully. But enough about that.

Had an awesome dinner last night with my guy’s family at a local Mexican restaurant. I love these people. They’re kind, funny, and REAL. I’ve written blogs about being real, so most people already know how important that particular trait is to me. And of course no amount of begging beforehand prevented me from getting pinned with the traditional birthday sombrero.

Stayed over at my man’s house last night, and brought Camille again. She’s done just wonderfully this time! I’m confident that she’s getting used to being scooped up and carried over here.

I plan on getting some spring cleaning done when I go home today. Things like ceiling fans, air return vents and the like have been suffering greatly. Prepping up for the old ‘achoo season.

If I could get away with posting a pic of my guy laying here right now gently caressing Camille, I would. It’s the sweetest thing. 🙂 She’s getting ready to talk about that smell of bacon and eggs cooking again.

Last day of the weekend. Everyone make it a splendid one.

Fast forward

Do you know how long it’s been since I ate a morning bagel on my balcony? You remember how much I love that, right? Again, do you know how long it’s been?? Seriously, it’s been a long time… got to do it this morning. With not even a hint of cold. I’m lovin’ life.

This weekend starts my favorite time of year – the beginning of daylight savings time. We get to

Yeah I know, we lose an hour. But it’s so worth it! Because…

Oh, how I long for those lonnnnng

again. Watching as the sun touches the horizon, listening to the birds’ sweet chirps telling each other goodnight. To be kissed on the neck by a warm breeze, and lulled to sleep by the crickets.

Two words first come to mind when I see this picture. Summer. And, Happy.


I’m so thankful that Spring is finally here. Okay, for the most part anyway. I know the legal announcement doesn’t come for another week or so… I’ve waited several months for that, guess I can wait a few more days.

It’s spring fever.  That is what the name of it is.  And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!

~Mark Twain

Weekends are made for….

Late start I’ve got here this morning, but that’s okay. What are weekends for, anyway? Rest, catching up on things, and possibly a little fun thrown into the mix. That’s my definition of weekends anyway.

Had dinner last night at the Mex restaurant that I could eat at just about every day of the week. SO good – I’ve discovered a dish from the light menu that is simply to die for – chicken tacos. You’re probably thinking ‘chicken tacos, what’s so special about those?’ Well I kinda ask myself the same thing… I don’t know why their’s are so good, I’ll just stick with the fact that they are, and move on.

I watched an awesome movie last night, released back in 01, but I’d never seen it. Men of Honor, starring one of my fave actors DeNiro and Cuba Gooding Jr. It’s a courageous tale of an African-American sailor who dares to dream of becoming a US Navy Master Diver. The movie is even more powerful being that it’s a true story. It still amazes me the perils that black people were put through back then – to me it’s still downright embarrassing. This is a truly amazing movie – male or female either one, you should check it out if you’ve never seen it.

Out to dinner with my girls tonight. These are the girls from my graduating class in high school. I’ll try to get a good enough group pic and post it later. These are some awesome women, and I love the fact that we’ve all remained close – in fact we’ve only started having these little gatherings for the past couple of years. Unfortunately my best friend isn’t gonna be able to make it tonight, so we’ll miss her but make the best out if it. We ALL have sore jaws and stomach muscles the next day from all the laughs. Now that’s truly a good time to be had. 😉

It’s windy and cold today. Well, guess it’s not that cold with a forecasted high of 52. One could easily be fooled by looking outside though, with the sun shining high in the Carolina blue sky.

And the day is slipping away, slowly but very surely. Happy Weekend to all!

Waiting to exhale

Oh my gosh, what a quiet relaxing weekend. Even the neighbors underneath me have been quiet, which is so weird that I’m almost wondering if they’re dead. I haven’t left the house since Friday night when we went out for Mexican – and the intentions are to stay a recluse for the remainder of the weekend. Hoping the sun will melt most of the ice out there! Because I surely don’t want to drive in it tomorrow morning.

Had a good breakfast this morning and watched my fave televangelist, Reverend Dollar, deliver his sermon on ‘offense’ (as in being offended by others). My honey even watched it with me. 🙂 This makes me smile. Hmm, offense. Yeah, there sure is a lot of this in the world. Remember? We live in the United States of the Offended, reference a prior blog.

Looking out at the white everywhere, the bare trees, the blustery bursts of wind, makes me (oh yes I am going there…) wish sooo much for Spring. In a few short weeks everyone will have Spring Fever…. the department stores have already taken on their Spring line of clothing, Freds and Dollar General will have their garden lineup in tow, we’ll see all the little birds chasing each other. I very simply cannot wait. If I dwell on the subject too long I’ll find myself salivating. So instead, I’ll draw myself back into the reality that is, by reminding myself we’re due for more winter weather on Tuesday and Friday of next week. At the same time I’ll promise myself that no matter what, I will NOT use my vacation up for bad winter weather. God willing.

For now, though, I’ll just bide my time until I’m finally able to exhale that last bit of the winter season out – and breathe in the New Season.