To each his own. To me my own.

It’s a good life

Yesterday after work, I packed up my bags and cat and headed over to my guys for the weekend. My neighbors are eyeing me like I leave for a beach trip every weekend or something, and even moreso stare at my cat. Like, why is she taking her cat on a trip too? Ha ha, gotta keep ’em guessing, I always say.

Having a friend and his daughters over to swim, they actually just got here. I may grace the page with a picture later once my phone is good and charged. His dog, a brown lab named Brandy, loves to swim and has bad arthritis so the exercise does her good. He wanted his both his daughters to have the opportunity to swim with Brandy, and it should be a good day, looks like the rain’s gonna hold off for a while. Later, we’ll cook out before they head off to the beach after dinner.

Beach, ah Beach… did I just say Beach. 😦

K and I headed down 321 to this little consignment shop that he had been telling me about. It was an enjoyable morning, this area is so ‘lone’ that it’s so refreshing. No congestion, trees and landscape as far as you can see (no city limits baby). Not but about two miles or so from his house is this little ‘town’ called Boiling Greens, SC, that’s where the consignment shop was, right off the highway.  Just like the area where I live, Lake Wylie, people are just different here. Slower-paced, friendlier. Simpler. I swear if I didn’t have to cross the bridge to come to work, I would rarely if ever even come to Charlotte.

Loving my life, and the fact that it’s the weekend. And so I raise my glass of tea to good friends, good family, good health, and good times.


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