To each his own. To me my own.

Weekends are made for….

Late start I’ve got here this morning, but that’s okay. What are weekends for, anyway? Rest, catching up on things, and possibly a little fun thrown into the mix. That’s my definition of weekends anyway.

Had dinner last night at the Mex restaurant that I could eat at just about every day of the week. SO good – I’ve discovered a dish from the light menu that is simply to die for – chicken tacos. You’re probably thinking ‘chicken tacos, what’s so special about those?’ Well I kinda ask myself the same thing… I don’t know why their’s are so good, I’ll just stick with the fact that they are, and move on.

I watched an awesome movie last night, released back in 01, but I’d never seen it. Men of Honor, starring one of my fave actors DeNiro and Cuba Gooding Jr. It’s a courageous tale of an African-American sailor who dares to dream of becoming a US Navy Master Diver. The movie is even more powerful being that it’s a true story. It still amazes me the perils that black people were put through back then – to me it’s still downright embarrassing. This is a truly amazing movie – male or female either one, you should check it out if you’ve never seen it.

Out to dinner with my girls tonight. These are the girls from my graduating class in high school. I’ll try to get a good enough group pic and post it later. These are some awesome women, and I love the fact that we’ve all remained close – in fact we’ve only started having these little gatherings for the past couple of years. Unfortunately my best friend isn’t gonna be able to make it tonight, so we’ll miss her but make the best out if it. We ALL have sore jaws and stomach muscles the next day from all the laughs. Now that’s truly a good time to be had. 😉

It’s windy and cold today. Well, guess it’s not that cold with a forecasted high of 52. One could easily be fooled by looking outside though, with the sun shining high in the Carolina blue sky.

And the day is slipping away, slowly but very surely. Happy Weekend to all!


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