To each his own. To me my own.

Beautiful Long Day

It’s here. The Sunday that begins all those long warm days of Spring and Summer. And it’s beautiful outside… hence my title.

I’ve had such an awesome weekend, with the exception of one minor set of female issues I’ve had to deal with. It was actually so bad yesterday that I had to cancel plans to go out with my bestfriend and her husband, and I so hated that. The symptoms are definitely getting worse as I get older. The only silver lining I currently see in this is that in a couple of days I’ll actually be okay again for a whole month. Hopefully. But enough about that.

Had an awesome dinner last night with my guy’s family at a local Mexican restaurant. I love these people. They’re kind, funny, and REAL. I’ve written blogs about being real, so most people already know how important that particular trait is to me. And of course no amount of begging beforehand prevented me from getting pinned with the traditional birthday sombrero.

Stayed over at my man’s house last night, and brought Camille again. She’s done just wonderfully this time! I’m confident that she’s getting used to being scooped up and carried over here.

I plan on getting some spring cleaning done when I go home today. Things like ceiling fans, air return vents and the like have been suffering greatly. Prepping up for the old ‘achoo season.

If I could get away with posting a pic of my guy laying here right now gently caressing Camille, I would. It’s the sweetest thing. 🙂 She’s getting ready to talk about that smell of bacon and eggs cooking again.

Last day of the weekend. Everyone make it a splendid one.


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