To each his own. To me my own.

Things that Matter

I was listening to the song Things that Matter by Rascal Flatts, and thinking about the lyrics. Such a simple song with a vast meaning.

Things that Matter… things that don’t. I was in the kitchen getting Camille’s food out and dropped the container. Nothing was spilt, but a profanity slipped out just the same. Did it matter that I’d dropped something? Nope. Didn’t matter. Even if I had spilt something, just wipe it up.

Things that Matter… things that don’t. The life I now live. Being content and at peace, and knowing deep down that my decision to live alone was the right decision. Does this matter? Yes, it does.

Time ain’t on my side… Don’t want to leave this world with Why Didn’t I? Why Didn’t I? Yeah, Why Didn’t I?

People in life who desperately try to tear you down. Do they matter? No. They do not.

Family and friends who are and always have been there for you… These are the people that Matter.

Sometimes I take on this world by myself. Thinking I got all the answers, don’t need anybody’s help. Well God was right there waiting for me all along…. To fall down on my knees, surrender all.

Things that Matter… things that don’t.


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