To each his own. To me my own.

More waves…

I’m guessing I need to take on a little lighter note after yesterdays blog. I’ve had more than a couple people ask me ‘who were you writing about?’ It’s natural curiosity to question the identity of the Village Idiot, or perhaps if my overly-detailed description is even authentic. Well, it’s authentic all right. Furthermore, I have personally lived this certain hell of knowing such a person. Of course, the individual shall remain nameless. Those of you who are close to me already know of the person I wrote about. Realistically speaking, it’s possible that we all know someone of this very nature.

A lot of people probably think I’m obsessed with the sea and waves, as much as I’ve talked about it in the past. Well, maybe I am. To me it’s intriguing, mesmerizing. It is also ever-demanding of our respect. Being face to face with a huge tidal wave is a continuing dream I’ve had my entire life, and I’ve written about on a couple of occasions.

And dreams always seem to come to pass – in some way, shape or form.

For years now I’ve thought that maybe, just maybe, someday I’d like to take a cruise. Just to see what all the fuss is about. Well, this just puts a whole different spin on the term cruising.

How about being out to sea on a cruise ship, and a massive set of waves pound the bow busting out 5 large windows in a public area – killing 2 people and injuring 14? A passenger said there were three ‘abnormally high’ waves that hit, with the second and third being the largest. The waves were 33 feet (10 meters) high and flooded cabins and busted windows and frames in a restaurant. My God, that’s just the thing nightmares are made of.

This was a 12-day cruise that traveled from Barcelona, Spain to Genoa, Italy. It occurred approximately 24 miles off the coast of Cabo de San Sebastian near the Spanish town of Palafrugell. Of the two who were killed, one was German and the other Italian. It’s indicated the weather was the cause of the waves, as the wind was reported to be 45 mph.

I do adore the ocean. But I do believe I’ll rethink the whole cruise idea. Just put my ass on a plane and land me somewhere near the clear blue water for a week. I’ll find my way to the ocean. And I’ll be just as happy, thanks.


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