To each his own. To me my own.

The Ruin of the Village

As I travel to work this morning, it’s so peaceful. The long stretch of highway that still harbors undeveloped land is my serenity during the drive in. As I gaze at the car traveling ahead, I take note of the rhythmic falling of frozen snow from it’s body. It seems to align perfectly with the melodic voice of Gary LeVox in the background. Yeah. Peaceful.

And I think. And wonder. Why it is that certain people try so hard to ruin other’s peace.

Now, I realize the true definition of a Village Idiot does not correspond perfectly with the traits and characteristics of the person I am so describing here. But bear with me, if you will. I happen to think the term Village Idiot has a nice little jingle to it, so… that’s the moniker I choose for this individual.

The Village Idiot works very hard indeed. The Village Idiot will make it her life’s goal to create drama and manipulate others. The Village Idiot thrives on tension, hostility and mental anguish.

The Village Idiot proclaims to be a Christian, all while holding many years of hatred in her heart. She will use the word God and Jesus only when she feels it will be of true benefit to her. The icy heart of the Village Idiot will never be open to the truths and silent hells of others. To the Village Idiot, there is no ‘other side’ of the story, because it is her way or no way.

The Village Idiot is unable to hold her sharp tongue, for either enemies or loved ones, including her own children. Having cut and edited another person’s story in order to better accommodate her own drama-filled life, the Village Idiot is a professional story-teller.

The Village Idiot doesn’t have many friends, and unbeknownst to her, the few she has must walk on eggshells. The Village Idiot has on-again/off-again relationships with the majority of the people in her life. She is consistently on the outs with her family and friends.

The Village Idiot will express her views in a manner that displays her own true ignorance. She forms her opinions without ever attempting to check facts beforehand. Politics, religion, family life – the Village Idiot believes she knows it all, and wants others to believe it as well.

The Village Idiot blasts others for performing acts that she herself performs on a daily basis. There will be no reasoning with the Village Idiot, for reason itself does not exist within her brain. The Village Idiot will smile to your face, and her razor-sharp tongue begins to wag as soon as you walk away from her.

The Village Idiot will never be fully aware just how large of an ass she consistently makes of herself. How, in her absence, her own family and friends discuss her psychotic ways.

In my ever-continuing endeavor at aging gracefully, I find that my toleration factor for the Village Idiot has completely and totally disintegrated. And guess what? It’s one thing I have no desire to get back.


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