To each his own. To me my own.


Thank the Lord for the Friday. It’s a beautiful day outside, and looking around again – there’s so very much to be thankful for. I could take up an entire blog listing my many blessings, and have done so before. I’ll spare anyone reading this today and instead thank God for them in silence. 🙂

My weekly weigh-in shows a second week in a row of losing 0. Zip. I just don’t get it. *Smacks self in face* Okay okay, yeah – I do get it. Although I’ve been maintaining my calorie intake, I haven’t been exercising every single day like I should. This week I’ve sneaked a nap or two in after work when I should’ve worked out instead. I know what I’ve gotta do in order to accomplish this – get my ass buttocks in gear. High gear. After all – Spring is almost here! I can actually see a poem coming out of this.

Tonight my beau is coming over with a couple of steaks and we’re gonna try out my new electric grill I got to cook out on my balcony. I’ve gotta run by the market on the way home and score a potato to bake for him. Okay, I might get a small one for myself but I really need to stay away from the whites. Which I’ve pretty much gotten used to doing without, anyway. I can’t wait until it really is Spring, because I’ll be out there cooking my meat every night on it. Now, if I just had that hammock…

There’s a special 20/20 on ABC coming on tonight that features the story of Jaycee Dugard. This is the lady who was kidnapped by a pedophile as a child and held captive in he and his wife’s back yard for a period of eighteen years. I cannot imagine the pain and horror this lady went through – there was such a large portion of her childhood, and life, stolen. This special promises to be a good one, it’s the first we’ve seen of her since her and her children’s rescue from that certain hell. There’s two specials airing tonight, and I’m not sure if it’s the 9pm or 10pm show. I dvr’d both to be on the safe side.

Well, our own Carolina Panthers has decided to say boobye to Jake Delhomme.What a great guy he is, but as they say ‘you do what you gotta do’. Unfortunately, sometimes the most difficult thing to do in life is doing what must inevitably be done. He will always hold a large piece of outstanding history with the Panthers, and I sure do wish him the best.


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