To each his own. To me my own.

It’s a birds life

It’s one gorgeous day out there today, so just a quick little update. Can you believe I have to take my electric grill back for a refund? Damn thing is tripping the breaker both on the balcony and inside. I’ve lived here two years and have never had the ground tripped… just weird. Oh well, I’ve had to resolve myself to the fact that I’ll be using a George Foreman for my grilling out purposes.

My guy bought me a new industrial-strength fan over yesterday, along with a new shower head that is totally gonna rock my world. I’ve admired his fan for some time now, and this one mirrors his. A full metal, heavy, LOUD, macho-man of a wind machine. Love it. Before he left today, he hung my two birdhouses for me, one each in the corner of my balcony. I do hope to see mama and daddy building in them this Spring, instead of in my ferns! 🙂









Tonight will be the first night my furbaby Camille gets to have a sleepover at my guy’s house. I know, I know – she’s a cat. But cats can travel. And she doesn’t think she’s a cat. Plus, I’m tired of leaving her for a day and a half at a time. She can come with me. Umm-hmm… I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. 🙂


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