To each his own. To me my own.

Camille’s Big Adventure

I’m home now. But I have to say I have no idea what just happened theze past dayz.

I knew something waz up when Momy came in the front door yesterday and sez *aww, I got you a bunch of stuff*. She did, too – everything from snackz, new litterbox and litter, to thiz funky looking gadget I later learned I would be travelin inside of.

Momy was in the best mood yesterday. I think someone gave her a bunch of treatz or somethin. She was talking to me nonstop and lovin on me, well I didn’t mind that. That’s when my world gotz turned downside up.

I liked the gadget I later learned I’d be traveling inside of. It’s shaped like a tent – I heard Momy say this, anyway. It gotz windows on all sidez, and a soft bottom. Much better than that hard box with a little gate door she put me in the other timez. That one waz like a jail.

I even got inside the gadget on my own akord. Momy thought I looked cute and took picturez. But she waz missin the real reason I liked it… I thought it waz a gadget. You know, a toy – like my tubular thingy that lights up that Momy’s friend Keefer got me for Christmas. Well, they even pop open zactly the same! I think Momy callz it string-loaded. Anyway, I didn’t know she waz gonna zip it up on me and carry me


My world haz ended. I’m goin back to the pound I JUST KNOW I’M GOIN BACK TO THE POUND. I can’t hear what the Momy’s sayin because the poundin of my own heart drownz her out. Why are my meowz not loud enough to make her take me back home??

The big machine we’re riding inside of must be tranzporting us both to hell. I think Momy feels bad for me cuz she unzipt the gadget that I was traveling inside of and let me out. At first I thought it waz good to be free, until I saw all thoze bird-holderz in the sky whizzing by. Whiz, whiz, whiz… so fast… I couldn’t take it so I gotz down in the floor and cried. And cried. And cried.

Hmm, console? That thing that Momy restz her arm on while she drivez, so thatz what itz for? To console? Okays. Momy talked me into it, so I rode beside her on that as long she went slow. Nice and slow. Once she broke lawz and speeded up, those bird holderz in the sky started whizzing about again and I couldn’t take it. Back to the floor I go.

Momy places me back inside the gadget, here we goez again. She carriez me and the gadget to what iz certain to be the pound. Openz door and


Oh itz Keefer… I know Keefer. Okay, is he in on this takin me back to the pound thing? Momy unzipt gadget, but do I dare come out?

In the dayz to follow I play with Keefer a lot. See, he getz bored eazy so I must keep him entertained. I didn’t sleep good last night. I decided to get on Keeferz bed the next dayz. Itz a big bed much bigger than Momyz. Birdz birdz birdz, everywhere – they is loud! Keefer opens blindz for me to look outside the bedroom window and chatter at them. I like this setup Keefer haz here. Unlike mine and Momyz place this one iz on the ground. I can see all creaturez up close. I can smell em, really I can.

An I can smell bacon and eggz cookin too. Score one for the Camille for gettin the human folk up and at ’em early-like. Theze humanz love bacon and eggz more that any humanz I ever did see. An, they alwayz gives me a little bit of the bacons. Wide padio door to look out of, front glass door to look out of, I believe I’ve located my kitty heaven.

I think I left no territory unchartered. Gotta go back and check though. Knowz one thing – Keefer must think I’m slow because therez two doors that are *shut*. I know whatz behind doorz – roomz. If they let me come back here again I’ll have to find out whatz in em. Kay, other than those two roomz, no territory left unchartered.

Theyz actin funny. Somethinz up. My string-loaded tunnel and toyz are up and gone. I saw Momy take my litterbox somewhere else. My food iz gone.


They’ll never find me under here. Specially under a bed thiz big. I’ll just stay here for now.

Hmm Keefer’s gotz my favorite mouse in the world. He’s in there in the big room rattling it, he knowz better than that. That’s MY toy. I must go correct him

SCOOP oh I shoulda known it waz a trick you tricksterz

Back inside the gadget.

I cried the whole way home again. Momy, that speeder – shez not ‘sposed to go that fast it’s just dangerouz. Some humanz never learns. Whiz whiz whiz, my headz spinnin. My throat’s gettin sore from cryin.

I can’t believe it, I’m home. This iz home again, how did it happen? How many dayz have happened? Ten? I’m tired. And hungry. And I really need to take a crap.

And I need sleep.

Therez no place like home. Umm, I hope Momy takez me with her next week too….


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