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Speaking Out

A few years ago, I wrote a post on domestic violence. Miranda Lambert has recently took some flack for a tweet she sent during the Grammys. To me that’s what twitter’s all about, speaking your mind and voicing your opinion (in 144 characters or less, of course). Although I respect Chris Brown’s talent in music, dance and choreography – that’s about as far as it goes.

Here’s the tweet:

If you don’t remember, the incident she speaks of is when Chris beat his then-wife Rihanna to a pulp – which probably didn’t take long as little as she is. The following excerpts were taken from the website:

The photographs of her injuries shocked and horrified all those who saw them. Brown initially denied all charges, including felony assault and making criminal threats, but eventually pleaded guilty. He is still serving probation for those attacks — the probation being, in fact, the “harshest” part of his sentence.  Brown has been denied entry into Britain due to this conviction in a serious felony case. He has previously claimed to “not remember” the incident, and also claims that’s “not who he is” as a person — two hallmarks of someone who has not taken responsibility for their own actions.

The man convicted of domestic abuse got more attention than the woman who had BEEN abused, and got touted as a bigger comeback than the woman who nearly lost her voice but came back to win six Grammys.

Read more: Chris Brown and the Grammys: Forgive and Forget?

Pay close attention to what Shannon McKarney just said there. If your partner assaults you and claims ‘not to remember’ and/or says ‘it’s not who they really are’ PLUS never acknowledges any actual wrongdoing – consider it more than just a warning. Find someone to talk to about it. Do whatever it takes to put your situation out in the open. Forget about any embarrassment or shame. Act now in your own defense.

Because it’s more than just a red flag. It’s potential for a black flag with crossbones on it.

Update 2-20-12: Miranda needs to let it go now. She’s made her point.  ~BM


Happy Birthday Mammaw… and Betty White

Today is Betty White’s 90th birthday – so here’s a big ole’ shoutout to one of the funniest ladies ever. I heart Betty White. I mean I really-really BIG ole’ heart Betty White. Why? For a whole truckload of reasons, really… the main one being that she’s always reminded me so much of my own Mammaw.

Betty and my Mammaw share the same birthday. Betty was born on January 17, 1922; Mammaw on January 17, 1917 – both children of the great depression under very different circumstances. Betty had originally aspired to become a writer, until she wrote and played the lead in a graduation play at school where she discovered her interest in acting. She has always had the unique ability to sustain grace, class and elegance while showcasing her superior wit, charm, and sense of humor.

Marjorie McCorkle Jones not only possessed that graceful and elegant forte, raised to appreciate the finer things though her life had many struggles – she had an extraordinary sense of humor. She could light a dark room up with her smile and laughter. One day, she’d hop like a bunny across the floor for me – the next, chase my bully off across the school parking lot (if you’ve never seen a bulging pre-teen boy running from a white-haired lady hauling ass out of a yellow Ford Pinto, I highly recommend you do). My Mammaw was a good Christian lady who always knew her place and loved the Lord dearly – but like Betty, she hadn’t a single inhibition of the occasional curse word passing her lips when so warranted. She loved to laugh more than any person I’ve ever known, lest I include myself.

Through the years I’ve followed Betty’s career, I’ve found the two personalities to so closely mimic each other that I could actually imagine a scenario of Betty and Mammaw being best friends back in the day. Her and a group of her girls skipping a day of high school together as they swung from vines underneath an old one-lane bridge on Old Dowd Road – where one eventually fell, broke her arm and brought the fun to a screeching halt. True story. Minus the Betty White scenario.

For the above and many more reasons, I’ve officially added Betty to my I’d love to Spend 24 Hours With… list. To hang out with this chick for a whole day would be a much-needed blast. In my book, she’d be right up there with Ellen.

So… Happy 90th, Miss Betty White Ludden. And Happy 95th to you up there in Heaven, dear Mammaw – if the earth numbers even matter now. Big hugs and kisses, from your bunny rabbit. 🙂

Literary, literally

I was browsing through bookmarks yesterday and was surprised to find my ‘Letter to my Sixteen-Year-Old Self’ was still on the front page of the Simon and Schuster site. I realize this is because nothing else has been posted since they posted mine, but gotta admit – I still like seeing it…


Me: so uh, I’ve been wondering… could I act all crazy like some Hollywood dude is doing right now and get my writing noticed?

Voice of reality: *clearing throat* uhhh, no Bon – see, you have to be famous beforehand for that to work.

For sheer sheen entertainment purposes, I thought I’d share a copy of Charlie’s most recent tweet. I’ll have to say I’ve been enjoying the literary stance he’s taking…

Happy Friday, everyone!! 🙂

DeNiro and Hoffman

It’s not often that I watch television. When I do, I can count the shows I watch all on one hand, which aside from Survivor, consist of a little Nat Geo, History and Discovery channel. Last night, I got a real treat – I mean this one was really off the charts for me.

I was finishing wrapping presents and happened to have the tube on in the background, volume low – when I heard the David Letterman show come on. If I’m not already in bed, this would normally cue bedtime. Then they announced who the guests were.

Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman. I’m a huge fan of both.

You may have seen the set of movies that the pair star in together often referred to as ‘The Fockers movies”. Meet the Parents came out in 2000, Meet the Fockers debuted in 2004, and released at theaters just this month was The Little Fockers. If you haven’t seen any of the movies and are a fan of the two, the movies are a must-see, one of my favorites. Here’s a trailer to the 2004 Meet the Fockers, in which the two sets of parents meet and ‘come together’. It’s an awesome cast including Ben Stiller and Barbara Streisand.

In Letterman’s entire career, DeNiro has never been on his show which made it even more special. Much to my delight, the entire hour ended up being theirs. As they introduced the pair, they walked out together and the audience went wild. The applause went on for what seemed like several minutes, which Letterman respectfully allowed. It gave me chills! Hoffman seemed pleased the entire applause, DeNiro laid back being his normal cool self. Once they started talking, it took about ten minutes for DeNiro to ‘warm up’ to Dave’s questions, again, first time ever on the show. Hoffman made jovial of everything which really seemed to help things out in that area. They talked about movies like The Graduate, TootsieRainmanCasino, Goodfellas, Raging BullTaxi Driver and Godfather. I’m a big fan of the mob movies, always have been since I was a girl in school. Needless to say, most actors in this genre of filmmaking far surpass A-okay in my book – there’s too many of them to list (DeNiro and Pacino being my all-time faves).

It was a monumental show last night. This video showcases a few moments of the broadcast, only five minutes or so, but enough to give you the gist. Yeah, I’m starstruck once again. These guys have just never gotten old to me… and never will.

Recipe for Disaster

Another one has happened. A death, albeit a celebrity – at the hands of an automobile texting behind the wheel. Dr. Frank Ryan, a plastic surgeon to the stars, gained even further celebrity status when he controversially performed ten procedures in one single day on the reality series star Heidi Montag.

Dr. Ryan was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway immediately following a scenic hike with his beloved dog, Jill. He snapped the below picture of sweet Jill lying in the sand atop a cliff, as she gazed longingly towards the sea.

Twitter has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and Dr. Ryan seemed to have become as fond of it as I. Personally, I feel it’s the one social network in which you can share your thoughts with the rest of the world… without people yacking back at you. Rather, it doesn’t appear on your own page if they do – it dirties up their own.

His tweet: “Border collie jill surveying the view from atop the sand dune”

The one thing I don’t understand is why he didn’t tweet the picture right upon taking it, instead of waiting until he was behind the wheel. His car veered off a PCH cliff, down a 20-foot embankment of rocks. Dr. Ryan was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash with the official cause of death being blunt head trauma. Amazingly enough, his dog Jill survived but she has serious injuries after being found in the ocean below. I can only imagine the heartbreak his poor Mother is feeling! Quoted as saying on his 50th birthday just last year, “Happy birthday dear.. birthday boy… our miracle baby. He’s been wonderful, and I hope he has a long life.”

Photo rights ©

I know this is a hard one to look at, but there could be worse. Some of us need to see the reality of our actions… because I know I did.

I’m ashamed to admit that texting while driving is something I myself used to do. Before all the hype and headlines about the dangers it brought, I did it. Trust me when I say I’m not proud of it, and have had a few very close calls resulting from this selfless and careless act. I can’t tell you exactly what it was that changed my whole outlook – maybe it was the close calls, maybe all the news headlines… or maybe it was that dreaded four-minute video that circulated around on facebook and elsewhere. Whatever the case is – I realize how very lucky I am.

Texting while driving can be life changing, and life taking. For yourself, and for others. We don’t need the celebrity status to deem ourselves invincible… we have the uncanny ability of feeling that all on our own!! Please don’t chance it.

Head thoughts

What are these guys thinking. Just WTF ARE THEY THINKING. Yes, I am absolutely on a tirade. This is another truly unavoidable rant for me so I’ll go ahead and say click off now if bad language offends you.

Will there ever come a time when these men stop thinking with their penises. Note I used the word these men – meaning I am not referencing all men.

Sandra B appears to be the freshest victim of infidelity within a marriage. Here’s a very independent woman who previously stated on many occasions she’d never marry – and didn’t until she was 40. A strong female – she’s also credited for being funny, kind, and down to earth. All this is quite refreshing and rare for a Hollywood star. Because of these qualities, along with that beautiful smile and contagious laugh of hers, most of America has fallen in love with her. Oh did I mention she’s  gorgeous? There’s your bonus.

So while she’s busy working to earn an Oscar on the other side of the continent, her husband Jesse aka scuz is busy porking a tatted-up biker porn skank.

Geez, why the name-calling, Bon?

Because I can. Now before anyone gets their panties in a wad, NO – I don’t have anything against tattoos. I don’t have anything against bikers, either. I do however have something against a homewrecker aka skank. Have any one of you seen pictures of this ‘woman’?? If not, please google, and feel free to let me know if  the logic of my slang name-calling is not founded. Pretty damn simple! A tatted-up biker porn skank. I don’t buy her little story that she believed “He told me he was no longer with her, that they weren’t even living together”. C’mon – a REAL woman knows there comes a time in your life where you have to put your big girl panties on and check up on these guys. ‘Cause guess what? They lie.

Although realistically speaking, does this one even deserve a slot in the lie category? Sandra was filming in Georgia… and staying on site there while filming. So the “I’m no longer with her, we aren’t even living together” was a great workaround. He’s a sly one, that scuz is. See, the scuz knew the skank would buy into what he told her in a way that benefitted him. And, in the long run, her too. Because if she wasn’t rich before,  she’s gonna be now.

Homewrecker. My personal opinion is that she sought him out, admittedly having sent him pictures in hopes of getting a modeling job there at that infamous West Coast bike company of his. I’ve had to deal with one such skank in my own personal life, for which I credit my ability at being able to spot one now.

So. Say she did seek him out. He bit. Trust me, I’m not blaming the skank any more than the scuz. To me, they’re both equally at fault – at the most hurtful and devious act one can commit against their partner in a marriage. Which is why they’re a scuz and a skank.

All the money in the world can’t buy happiness for ‘these men’. For them, true happ-penis apparently comes from having the best of both worlds, or hell maybe three or four worlds. This means having a good woman at home as well as a side-serving of one or more tramps. Is it some sort of power thing with these men? Seriously, I wish someone would explain it to me. Because I still don’t understand the risks they take, the lies they must tell to accommodate the risks, and the good women they end up destroying with their selfish acts. I guess I’ll never understand it.

Bon, why do you care? It’s Hollywood stars, you don’t know them! Why do you concern yourself?

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of the infidelity stick in your marriage, male or female – you’ll empathize with others that endure the same. Celebrities are much more widely publicized, and if you’re a fan it makes it all the more personal to you. My opinions written here are just that, my own opinions – just like the time I wrote of my empathy for Elin on Tiger’s many indiscretions.

Unless something monumental breaks on the recent woes of these two, my opinion’s not gonna change. All I’ve got to say is, JJ my man – you just gave up the best thing you’ll EVER have. If it wasn’t apparent before, it is now – you never deserved a woman like that in the first place.

New Week, not weak

I recently regained possession of my old high school annual. This book has remained hidden for years in the attics of where ever I lived at the time; safely tucked away in a box with other ‘childhood’ memorabilia. There’s a reason I haven’t had it out in almost twenty years. You see, I couldn’t get it out and look at it unless I was in the mood to be accused of wanting to look at old boyfriends. Told, why else would I want to look at pictures of when I was in school? And everyone knows, within the walls of a high school yearbook, therein lies only one’s past boyfriends… and nothing else. Pardon the sarcasm.

While at my guys house this weekend, I retrieved it from the trunk of my car and we both sat down and took a stroll down memory lane. It’s been so long since I’ve looked at it that I’d forgotten about certain teachers and friends! It was very cool to be able to peruse through old memories of adolescent times in high school and junior high again. My boyfriend and I went to the same high school and junior high, in the same grade – so it definitely was something we were able to enjoy together.

The Academy Awards (Oscars) were last night. I watched as much as I could of it before bedtime, but I obviously missed the best parts. I’ll have to youtube the acceptance speeches later on.

I am happy to hear about the best actor and best actress award going to Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock – I’ve always had the utmost respect for both of them. I’m gonna have to see both of these movies, my mouth’s already been watering to see ‘Crazy Heart’ since I first heard of it’s release.

This is a four-day work week for me, yay. I made that little joke a while back about taking a Friday off on my birthday, well I did just that. It’ll be well-earned, that’s for damn sure. I think it’s supposed to be raining but  as we say here in the south –  ppsshh, that don’t bother me none….

A Fallen Survivor

Those who know me know that I’m a lifelong fan of the reality show Survivor. Never missed an episode of the entire 19 seasons, 10 years, that it’s ran.

Jenn Lyon is the first ever loss of a Survivor family member.

This lovely strong lady came in an impressive fourth position on the show’s 10th season, Survivor Palau. She was diagnosed with breast cancer just two short months after the show’s finale. She underwent chemotherapy and a double mastectomy, however two years later, the cancer returned in her bones. Jenn fought long and hard – but lost her battle on January 19, 2010.

It’s shocking. And untimely. She really was a beautiful soul, both inside and out.

Below is a short video arrangement made by a Survivor fan that commemorates Jenn’s time on Survivor Palau. Although the audio consists of music only, this is one awesome video. It not only features the time when she got to swim and play with the dolphins, but provides a visual of her general strength – both physically and characteristically.
Jenn’s Time on Survivor

She refused to succumb to the perils of chemotherapy, instead choosing to host as many fundraisers as possible to help find a cure for breast cancer. This past December, she had been given a final three weeks to live. Instead of retreating to her deathbed, she opened a Christmas Tree lot in Los Angeles with proceeds to benefit breast cancer research. She opted to spend what was to be her last Christmas, and bit of time left on earth, giving of herself to help find a cure.
Jenn’s Christmas Tree Lot

So it appears that our Heavens will shine a little brighter now, since our Lord has chosen a beautiful bright new Angel to reside with Him above. RIP, sweet Lady.


This morning the river is a dark blueish gray, calm enough – with the bottom of the sky stark-white leading up to the very darkest-of-dark stormy grays. It casts a hue that mutes down and darkens the colors on almost everything around you. It could almost be a scene pulled straight out of the movie Dolores Claiborne.

At the risk of sounding psychotic, I’ve decided to write of my experience last night. Once in a while I’ll have an incident that’s caught somewhere between my conscious and subconscious, and lingers with me for awhile. This was one of those times.

I barely slept at all – mainly because of this kickass cold I’ve got going on. I was awake every hour, stealing a glance at the clock every so often even though I tried not to. About 3am, my eyes made out my two-piece dresser in front of me – which spans almost to the ceiling by itself, and has a picture and a plant on top. The moon outside my window created an almost flawless image on it. It was the image of a woman, with a pair of lone arms wrapped around her.

I was mesmerized by it. No, I was not delusional from being sick (or otherwise, lol). I hadn’t taken any meds before bed. It was simply captivating in it’s own serenity. The being who’s arms embraced the woman remained completely hidden behind her; never needing to be unveiled fully to prove their importance to her. The mere presence was felt even stronger by means of residing in the shadows.

The feeling it gave me goes beyond what I’m able to put into words. Warm… peaceful. I couldn’t look away, and didn’t want to – for fear I would lose this most precious site before me, or that it would suddenly reform into something else.

Demi Moore is doing a huge ad campaign for her new perfume, Wanted. I watched a few videos last night, and I won’t argue the fact they probably decided to hang around in my subconscious. ‘What does it mean to you, to be wanted?’ she asked. Such a thought-provoking question. There are endless possibilities as to the answers – on multiple levels. So, I’m taken back to what I originally thought when I first saw that image.

This was the form of a woman who was Wanted.