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Head thoughts

What are these guys thinking. Just WTF ARE THEY THINKING. Yes, I am absolutely on a tirade. This is another truly unavoidable rant for me so I’ll go ahead and say click off now if bad language offends you.

Will there ever come a time when these men stop thinking with their penises. Note I used the word these men – meaning I am not referencing all men.

Sandra B appears to be the freshest victim of infidelity within a marriage. Here’s a very independent woman who previously stated on many occasions she’d never marry – and didn’t until she was 40. A strong female – she’s also credited for being funny, kind, and down to earth. All this is quite refreshing and rare for a Hollywood star. Because of these qualities, along with that beautiful smile and contagious laugh of hers, most of America has fallen in love with her. Oh did I mention she’s  gorgeous? There’s your bonus.

So while she’s busy working to earn an Oscar on the other side of the continent, her husband Jesse aka scuz is busy porking a tatted-up biker porn skank.

Geez, why the name-calling, Bon?

Because I can. Now before anyone gets their panties in a wad, NO – I don’t have anything against tattoos. I don’t have anything against bikers, either. I do however have something against a homewrecker aka skank. Have any one of you seen pictures of this ‘woman’?? If not, please google, and feel free to let me know if  the logic of my slang name-calling is not founded. Pretty damn simple! A tatted-up biker porn skank. I don’t buy her little story that she believed “He told me he was no longer with her, that they weren’t even living together”. C’mon – a REAL woman knows there comes a time in your life where you have to put your big girl panties on and check up on these guys. ‘Cause guess what? They lie.

Although realistically speaking, does this one even deserve a slot in the lie category? Sandra was filming in Georgia… and staying on site there while filming. So the “I’m no longer with her, we aren’t even living together” was a great workaround. He’s a sly one, that scuz is. See, the scuz knew the skank would buy into what he told her in a way that benefitted him. And, in the long run, her too. Because if she wasn’t rich before,  she’s gonna be now.

Homewrecker. My personal opinion is that she sought him out, admittedly having sent him pictures in hopes of getting a modeling job there at that infamous West Coast bike company of his. I’ve had to deal with one such skank in my own personal life, for which I credit my ability at being able to spot one now.

So. Say she did seek him out. He bit. Trust me, I’m not blaming the skank any more than the scuz. To me, they’re both equally at fault – at the most hurtful and devious act one can commit against their partner in a marriage. Which is why they’re a scuz and a skank.

All the money in the world can’t buy happiness for ‘these men’. For them, true happ-penis apparently comes from having the best of both worlds, or hell maybe three or four worlds. This means having a good woman at home as well as a side-serving of one or more tramps. Is it some sort of power thing with these men? Seriously, I wish someone would explain it to me. Because I still don’t understand the risks they take, the lies they must tell to accommodate the risks, and the good women they end up destroying with their selfish acts. I guess I’ll never understand it.

Bon, why do you care? It’s Hollywood stars, you don’t know them! Why do you concern yourself?

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of the infidelity stick in your marriage, male or female – you’ll empathize with others that endure the same. Celebrities are much more widely publicized, and if you’re a fan it makes it all the more personal to you. My opinions written here are just that, my own opinions – just like the time I wrote of my empathy for Elin on Tiger’s many indiscretions.

Unless something monumental breaks on the recent woes of these two, my opinion’s not gonna change. All I’ve got to say is, JJ my man – you just gave up the best thing you’ll EVER have. If it wasn’t apparent before, it is now – you never deserved a woman like that in the first place.


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