To each his own. To me my own.

Remember When…

The song always gets to me. I think it does most people – well okay, maybe females are a little more susceptible. Guess it’s because whatever point it takes us back to was a time where we were blissful and happy – a particular time in our past that is no longer around. Remember the past?

Click here to play it in the background.

Where does the song take you? C’mon, I know you’ve heard it before. To what realm in your life do you find yourself being transported back to whenever you hear it? Childhood? A past love? Your children?

For me, it’s all of the above.

My childhood. The friends I had… the good times and memories of when everything was so much larger than meand seemingly magical. My family played a very big part in my life. It was always made clear to me how much I was loved, and wanted.

Past love? Well, I can only speak of one… the one of my past life, my 20-year marriage. Things were so good for the first half, or more, which I think he’d agree. After so much had happened, time revealed that there was no possibility of mending the extensive amount of damage. Irreparable. Be ever-mindful of your words and your actions, my friends – for the old saying is true. You can NOT take these back.

My child. The biggest blessing of my life. I look back to see I that took for granted the devine granting of a child. I admit it. That sweet voice, I can still hear it. The pitter-patter of those little feet. The wonderful week-long vacations that we were able to take when she was younger, much thanks to my Mom and StepDad. Those loving hugs, a sweet-smelling angel holding on tight… never being the first to pull away. She’s an adult now, getting ready to graduate college in 2 months. I’m left with only memories of those young years. The most precious memories.

Most of all, it reminds me of how much of my life has gone by now – and how I’m starting over at this late age. Okay, maybe it’s not that late in life yet, but enough so that over half of it has already been lived. Somehow it all seems very surreal, even now. Funny how things in life change and evolve over time, without you realizing how significant the end result will be. And I realize now that sometimes, looking back is a part of life.

Remember when?


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