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wmd FAIL

The bipartisan Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Proliferation and Terrorism has warned that ‘unless nations act decisively and urgently, it is more likely than not that a WMD [weapon of mass destruction] will be used in a terrorist attack by the end of the year 2013′. President Obama has been given an ‘F’ by this very Commission on his ‘effort’ to prevent a germ weapons attack on the US or to respond quickly and effectively should such an attack occur. The report, to be released today, details how the Obama administration failed to take key steps the commission outlined just over a year ago in its initial report.


C’mon, we all knew it was happening! ‘They’, the terrorists, are always conspiring against us – whether it be in the background or smack out in the open. Terrorism lives and lives largely. Ye ole’ paranoid Bonster has been forever voicing her opinion on it ever since 9/11.

So what’s the difference now? Well, now it’s been made a known fact that our national homeland security does NOT top the priority list of the person who has been appointed as leader of our country. Of course it won’t surprise you to hear this bothers me a thousand times more than all other issues I have with the Obama administration combined. The safety of our people is first and foremost the most important thing, period. Hell I would think a child would know that…

But apparently our president doesn’t. When it comes to weapons, Prez O is more concerned with the weapons we as free American individuals possess for our own protection. The control factor is getting worse by the day, my friends.

I know that it’s out of our hands, I do. The only thing we can really do is look out for number one. In addition, a smart option – though unfortunately many of us aren’t able to do so given the current economy…

Stockpile. For yourselves, your own well being, your own safety. Be quick about it if you can.

Because guess what? F = Fail.

UPDATE 1736 HRS: Read entire chilling 24-page report HERE. Several hours after posting the link to this report in its entirety (through the Obama-backed CNN network, no less) I come home to find the link was broken and CNN has basically buried this story along with the pdf report deep in it’s burrows. For this reason I’ve taken the liberty of uploading the report to MY OWN BLOG. It seems as though the government yanked CNN’s right to post these findings on it’s front page….but I’ll be damned if they’re taking away the freedom I have of putting it on MY front page.

Boston Tea Party

I admit, I did copy the subject line from the morning headline on Fox News. 🙂 This blog is gonna be all over the place today, because, quite frankly…. I am all over the place. I have way too much going on in my head today to dwell on one subject for too long.

Yeah, they’re havin’ a party, baby. All I’ve got to say is, GO MASSACHUSETTS. You freakin’ ROCK. For 53 years, a dem has occupied this former Kennedy seat. And the state of Mass said ‘Enough’.

And, um – we needed this ‘change’…. which is now enough to tank that damned healthcare bill.

Last night I dreamt that I was driving over several very large icy areas on a road. Here’s an attempt at interpretation via several online sources.

Driving: To dream that you are driving a vehicle signifies your life’s journey and your path in life. The dream is telling of how you are moving and navigating through life. If you are driving and cannot see the road ahead of you, then it indicates that you do not know where you are headed in life and what you really want to do with yourself. You are lacking direction and goals.

Ice: To dream of ice, generally betokens much distress, and evil-minded persons will seek to injure you in your best work. Dreams about ice often mean that you are nervous about a real life endeavor. If you dream of standing on cracking ice (or falling through ice into water), it is a warning against trying to advance at the expense of others.

Here are  15 interesting facts about dreams. This one’s got some pretty good info.

So I’m looking outside right now and thinking my guy and I may not get to play our previously scheduled game of tennis today after all. Of course the sun has been out for 2 straight days and the temps have been in the mid-60’s, but let us plan something and the rain will surely come a little earlier than forecasted. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if we’ll be able to bop the ball.

Who’s America?

I know of one person in particular who will read today’s pitiful blog and literally laugh their ass off, because we were sitting together watching MSNBC when they broadcast this today.

“Obama’s America – 2010 and Beyond”. Shit, are you kidding me?

So he rises up from behind the pulpit and preaches a sermon. Here’s this ever-charismatic man, our President – who doesn’t frequent Sunday church services in Washington and has yet to find a permanent congregation for his family in the capital – standing behind the pulpit in a Baptist church. The thing that bothers me most about it? It literally took him several minutes to utter the word “God”, and finally towards the end he managed to insert the word “Lord” in there as well. So what was the word he used those first few minutes when referring to our God? “The Devine”.

Obama’s America. Yeah, I’d like to have seen them try and sell that little jingle during the Bush Administration, or the Clinton Administration, for that matter. It never would’ve flown.

I’m not even going to go any further with this. The Angry American lives on, folks. Little ole’ me does realize that everything that our entire future has already been spoken, and written. Many of the aforementioned circumstances (reference previous blogs) have already come to pass. I am very much aware that what will be, is gonna be.

More of the Angry American

Well, the curmudgeon-at-large is at it again. I need to vent.

The tragic quake in Haiti has been devastating and my heart truly goes out to the victims in the wake of it’s tragedy. Although the wholeness of has yet to fully sink in, I do realize the magnitude of the situation.

But now, making headlines, is the fact that they’re ‘angry’. Well. They’re angry. Angry at the miniscule amount of aid they’re receiving. At the lack of sufficient medical supplies. And they say that ‘anger’ is now turning to ‘violence’.

We’re looking at over 9 million people in a country smaller than the state of Maryland. Cripes, people. NINE MILLION. Trying to land a plane into the airport of Port-au-Prince itself is a joke. Planes are being turned away and rerouted because of the limited space availability.

Angry? One must look at the many countries that have literally jumped in to afford them search and rescue, aid and supplies. To see all these different nations, including our own, coming together as one in the aftermath of this great catastrophe, is well, nothing short of amazing.

So we’re bringing many of the injured over here to the US to aid in healthcare. AND GRANTING SAID INDIVIDUALS TEMPORARY CITIZENSHIP.

WE’RE DOING WHAT? What the FUCK is this all about? Listen, I have no problem with providing medical attention to wounded individuals. None at all. But since when did granting any type of citizenship, even temporary, become a prerequisite to providing healthcare? Simple. It didn’t, and it’s not.

In the first place, it’s been determined that literally thousands of escaped prisoners are now running mad among the commoners. It’s just a guess of mine that some of these convicted felons could be the machete-bearing tyrants currently taking over in the streets. If you think for one second that the US is going to background check even one of these injured Haitians, I’ll be first in line to call you a fool.

Secondly, the sister country to their immediate left, the Dominican Republic, has very graciously offered FREE HEALTHCARE to all Haitians. Not discounted. Not reduced. FREE. Is this offer not being heard to the rest of the world? Hmm, I’m kinda confused because see, I myself heard it announced on the evening news….

Thirdly, do you really think these individuals are ever gonna go back to Haiti? Seriously?? NO! What’ll happen is this. They’ll disappear into the crowd. Just fade away, blending back into the masses of all the other imports that we have so wrapped our ever-lovin US of A arms around.

Shhh, do you hear that?? It’s the sound of uncontrollable laughter at the US coming out of the other Nations.

More of The United States of the Offended

I started not to even go here. I say that because even writing about it gets my blood pressure elevated. But I haven’t wrote about it in a while now…. actually since the day after the Ft. Hood massacre. And that’s just what it was – a massacre. A massacre constructed by a terrorist that we let infiltrate our US Armed forces. A massacre that was allowed to happen because there were people who knew things were wrong or amiss with asshole hasan, and they failed to say anything.

The constant fears of terrorist attacks on our American airports are getting continually worse, and those fears are very justified. It seems to me that the asshole pigs sit there and salivate, maybe even more than that, just from staring at a picture of one of our airports.

Here she is folks. In all her glory, or madness… one hell of an Angry American. Forget that I’m female. Forget that I’m white. Forget (only temporarily) that I’m a Christian. You can take all that away and there will still be one thing left, which is my freedom as an American individual. And I will have my say.

Full body scanners. Wands. X-ray machines. Patdowns. Obviously this shit’s not working, it’s not enough. What’s it gonna take? I’ll tell ya what it’s gonna take. It’s gonna take some good old-fashioned stereotyping. That’s right, I said the word. And I don’t give a multiple shit WHO the hell I offend by saying it. Profile those bitches!!

If someone even hints to have the middle-eastern look about them, pull ’em right out of the lineup. Immediately. Call a spade a spade. Men, women and children – all of them. And don’t forget about those babies! You see, a terrorist will blow their own baby up if it holds promise of taking out a few Americans.

What, you say? We can’t do that? Speak a little louder, did I hear you say it would be offensive to the muslim community to “profile” them? I honestly don’t give a flying FUCK if it offends them or not. September 11th, baby. This day is no longer on the forefront of most American minds, and that in itself is a major problem. Who would’ve thought that horrible catastrophic day would’ve ever faded in the slightest from ANYONE’S mind, but sadly it’s done more than just fade. Nobody wants to talk about it anymore, to go back and revisit what I perceive to be the most abominable day in history. I can honestly tell you there is not a single day in my life since September 11th that I have NOT thought about it. Believe it or not, I was actually told once that I dwell on the horror of 911 too much. To say that made me angry is an understatement, and suffice to say I don’t think that person will ever tell me that again in their lifetime. I’d rather have nightmares about September 11th every single night for the rest of my life than to ever let it become passive in my mind.

The bottom line? ‘My way’ would mandate a complete agreement and understanding on the many stringent new ‘filters’ put into place when dealing with these high-risk passengers. Snags and delays for them should not only be expected, but planned. However long it takes to ensure the safety of our people. Deal with it, towelheads – it’s tit for tat if you want to come into our country. Believe me, you’re getting a real deal!! Your cost still ends up being much lower than the high price many thousands of Americans paid when they lost their lives to unmerciful terrorists who, still to this day, use your Muslim religion as backing for the foundation of their terror plots.

A spade is a spade is a spade. Call ’em as you see ’em, I sure do. Of course I realize all terrorists don’t have that middle-eastern look. But let’s face it – the vast majority of them DO. So pick ’em out of line then instead of allowing the assholes to pass through. Begin the filtering process before anything even has a chance to happen. Stringent filtering on the middle-eastern/muslim look. Would this seriously be a huge shock to anyone? And if it was, by now you realize what I would say to that. But I’ll spare you that one last profanity.

No, we will never be ‘allowed’ to do this. Apparently our government places more importance on public relations and not offending what could very well be the enemy than to implement tactics to defend the American population.

Land of the Free. I still say Profile Away, Baby.

The United States of the Offended

I’m one angry individual this morning.

Fort Hood. The sense of it. An avoidable tragedy? I don’t even know where to start on the subject, or even if I want to start. It would almost seem like a disservice to not say something about it….

I don’t really care how others see or take my views – I want to make that perfectly clear. I don’t CARE if I offend anyone. What in holy hell is our military thinking by employing, or retaining employment of, a terrorist?? With all the documented statements he’s made – and I’ve done a lot of reading this morning – what the hell made everybody keep quiet?

Has America been silenced this damn much? “Oh no, don’t say that… it might offend…” Do you think this man, Nidal Malik Hasan, worried about offending anyone with his views and statements? Which turned into horrific actions because no one wanted to OFFEND him?? This has obviously become an ‘Anything Goes America’. To everyone, that is, except Americans.

Does the term 9/11 mean anything to anyone anymore? There is not a day in my life that goes by that I don’t think about it. Sometimes I may even dwell on it a little too much – but brother, I’ll take that dwelling any day, as opposed to letting it fade away. Go ahead, call ME miss misery. Remind me in my dreams Dear Lord, every night if you must, but never let the memory of that horrible event fade from my mind.

God help us.