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wmd FAIL

The bipartisan Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Proliferation and Terrorism has warned that ‘unless nations act decisively and urgently, it is more likely than not that a WMD [weapon of mass destruction] will be used in a terrorist attack by the end of the year 2013′. President Obama has been given an ‘F’ by this very Commission on his ‘effort’ to prevent a germ weapons attack on the US or to respond quickly and effectively should such an attack occur. The report, to be released today, details how the Obama administration failed to take key steps the commission outlined just over a year ago in its initial report.


C’mon, we all knew it was happening! ‘They’, the terrorists, are always conspiring against us – whether it be in the background or smack out in the open. Terrorism lives and lives largely. Ye ole’ paranoid Bonster has been forever voicing her opinion on it ever since 9/11.

So what’s the difference now? Well, now it’s been made a known fact that our national homeland security does NOT top the priority list of the person who has been appointed as leader of our country. Of course it won’t surprise you to hear this bothers me a thousand times more than all other issues I have with the Obama administration combined. The safety of our people is first and foremost the most important thing, period. Hell I would think a child would know that…

But apparently our president doesn’t. When it comes to weapons, Prez O is more concerned with the weapons we as free American individuals possess for our own protection. The control factor is getting worse by the day, my friends.

I know that it’s out of our hands, I do. The only thing we can really do is look out for number one. In addition, a smart option – though unfortunately many of us aren’t able to do so given the current economy…

Stockpile. For yourselves, your own well being, your own safety. Be quick about it if you can.

Because guess what? F = Fail.

UPDATE 1736 HRS: Read entire chilling 24-page report HERE. Several hours after posting the link to this report in its entirety (through the Obama-backed CNN network, no less) I come home to find the link was broken and CNN has basically buried this story along with the pdf report deep in it’s burrows. For this reason I’ve taken the liberty of uploading the report to MY OWN BLOG. It seems as though the government yanked CNN’s right to post these findings on it’s front page….but I’ll be damned if they’re taking away the freedom I have of putting it on MY front page.


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