To each his own. To me my own.

The Yellow Brick Road

Do you ever stop and wonder about the order in which things take place in your life? I do.

Takes me back to the old saying, Everything happens for a reason. How about this one – That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Always liked that one. And, can’t forget, Anything worth having is worth working for. Yeah, I know.

Our kids. We would never change that part. Our kids are and always will be our heart. Unconditional love, no matter what kind of hand life ends up dealing us.

But the other stuff. All those other sets of events that we may or may not be so fond of. Have you ever wondered what would be different now if you could go back and change things or switch the order of certain events in your life? To perhaps ‘earn back’ some of that lost time?

All of a sudden the time-tornado hits ya, you turn around and you’re forty. I jumped from 20 to 40 – with a fresh-from-scratch start to life. Now just how the hell did that happen?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not sitting on a mountain of regret over here. I used to be, though. I do realize now that anything we’ve been through in life shapes the individual we are today. This wouldn’t be the events theirselves – but instead how we handled it in the end. The outcome. My own decisions. My own path.

The clock struck midnight. And the day was done.

It’s not wasted time. The times of the past, all the time that leads up to now, is not forever lost in vain. Here’s another favorite – You can’t drive forward if you’re constantly looking in the rear view mirror.

It’s amazing really, the amount of love we have inside us. The ability to heal from inside, and regain the ability to share that love….I’m speaking for myself, of course, when I say I have an enormous amount inside of me. ♥

Life – it’s umm…. well, it’s just beginning. And I really like that.


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