To each his own. To me my own.

More of the Angry American

Well, the curmudgeon-at-large is at it again. I need to vent.

The tragic quake in Haiti has been devastating and my heart truly goes out to the victims in the wake of it’s tragedy. Although the wholeness of has yet to fully sink in, I do realize the magnitude of the situation.

But now, making headlines, is the fact that they’re ‘angry’. Well. They’re angry. Angry at the miniscule amount of aid they’re receiving. At the lack of sufficient medical supplies. And they say that ‘anger’ is now turning to ‘violence’.

We’re looking at over 9 million people in a country smaller than the state of Maryland. Cripes, people. NINE MILLION. Trying to land a plane into the airport of Port-au-Prince itself is a joke. Planes are being turned away and rerouted because of the limited space availability.

Angry? One must look at the many countries that have literally jumped in to afford them search and rescue, aid and supplies. To see all these different nations, including our own, coming together as one in the aftermath of this great catastrophe, is well, nothing short of amazing.

So we’re bringing many of the injured over here to the US to aid in healthcare. AND GRANTING SAID INDIVIDUALS TEMPORARY CITIZENSHIP.

WE’RE DOING WHAT? What the FUCK is this all about? Listen, I have no problem with providing medical attention to wounded individuals. None at all. But since when did granting any type of citizenship, even temporary, become a prerequisite to providing healthcare? Simple. It didn’t, and it’s not.

In the first place, it’s been determined that literally thousands of escaped prisoners are now running mad among the commoners. It’s just a guess of mine that some of these convicted felons could be the machete-bearing tyrants currently taking over in the streets. If you think for one second that the US is going to background check even one of these injured Haitians, I’ll be first in line to call you a fool.

Secondly, the sister country to their immediate left, the Dominican Republic, has very graciously offered FREE HEALTHCARE to all Haitians. Not discounted. Not reduced. FREE. Is this offer not being heard to the rest of the world? Hmm, I’m kinda confused because see, I myself heard it announced on the evening news….

Thirdly, do you really think these individuals are ever gonna go back to Haiti? Seriously?? NO! What’ll happen is this. They’ll disappear into the crowd. Just fade away, blending back into the masses of all the other imports that we have so wrapped our ever-lovin US of A arms around.

Shhh, do you hear that?? It’s the sound of uncontrollable laughter at the US coming out of the other Nations.


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