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More of The United States of the Offended

I started not to even go here. I say that because even writing about it gets my blood pressure elevated. But I haven’t wrote about it in a while now…. actually since the day after the Ft. Hood massacre. And that’s just what it was – a massacre. A massacre constructed by a terrorist that we let infiltrate our US Armed forces. A massacre that was allowed to happen because there were people who knew things were wrong or amiss with asshole hasan, and they failed to say anything.

The constant fears of terrorist attacks on our American airports are getting continually worse, and those fears are very justified. It seems to me that the asshole pigs sit there and salivate, maybe even more than that, just from staring at a picture of one of our airports.

Here she is folks. In all her glory, or madness… one hell of an Angry American. Forget that I’m female. Forget that I’m white. Forget (only temporarily) that I’m a Christian. You can take all that away and there will still be one thing left, which is my freedom as an American individual. And I will have my say.

Full body scanners. Wands. X-ray machines. Patdowns. Obviously this shit’s not working, it’s not enough. What’s it gonna take? I’ll tell ya what it’s gonna take. It’s gonna take some good old-fashioned stereotyping. That’s right, I said the word. And I don’t give a multiple shit WHO the hell I offend by saying it. Profile those bitches!!

If someone even hints to have the middle-eastern look about them, pull ’em right out of the lineup. Immediately. Call a spade a spade. Men, women and children – all of them. And don’t forget about those babies! You see, a terrorist will blow their own baby up if it holds promise of taking out a few Americans.

What, you say? We can’t do that? Speak a little louder, did I hear you say it would be offensive to the muslim community to “profile” them? I honestly don’t give a flying FUCK if it offends them or not. September 11th, baby. This day is no longer on the forefront of most American minds, and that in itself is a major problem. Who would’ve thought that horrible catastrophic day would’ve ever faded in the slightest from ANYONE’S mind, but sadly it’s done more than just fade. Nobody wants to talk about it anymore, to go back and revisit what I perceive to be the most abominable day in history. I can honestly tell you there is not a single day in my life since September 11th that I have NOT thought about it. Believe it or not, I was actually told once that I dwell on the horror of 911 too much. To say that made me angry is an understatement, and suffice to say I don’t think that person will ever tell me that again in their lifetime. I’d rather have nightmares about September 11th every single night for the rest of my life than to ever let it become passive in my mind.

The bottom line? ‘My way’ would mandate a complete agreement and understanding on the many stringent new ‘filters’ put into place when dealing with these high-risk passengers. Snags and delays for them should not only be expected, but planned. However long it takes to ensure the safety of our people. Deal with it, towelheads – it’s tit for tat if you want to come into our country. Believe me, you’re getting a real deal!! Your cost still ends up being much lower than the high price many thousands of Americans paid when they lost their lives to unmerciful terrorists who, still to this day, use your Muslim religion as backing for the foundation of their terror plots.

A spade is a spade is a spade. Call ’em as you see ’em, I sure do. Of course I realize all terrorists don’t have that middle-eastern look. But let’s face it – the vast majority of them DO. So pick ’em out of line then instead of allowing the assholes to pass through. Begin the filtering process before anything even has a chance to happen. Stringent filtering on the middle-eastern/muslim look. Would this seriously be a huge shock to anyone? And if it was, by now you realize what I would say to that. But I’ll spare you that one last profanity.

No, we will never be ‘allowed’ to do this. Apparently our government places more importance on public relations and not offending what could very well be the enemy than to implement tactics to defend the American population.

Land of the Free. I still say Profile Away, Baby.


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