To each his own. To me my own.

Beam me to the Beach?

Saturday morning is finally here. What to do, what to do. There’s a whole list of things, actually.

Yesterday after work I splurged on myself and indulged in a pedicure. I’ve been doing them myself for many months now, and it felt so nice to be pampered that way, especially on a Friday. Last night we went to a local diner/club that had a band playing. Had a couple beers, ate some fried pickles and quesadillas, and listened to some good music. Definitely a nice ending to the work week!

Got up on a low-key morning (couldn’t sleep late, up at 0730 drat) and had the celebratory weekend bagel. I’m gonna meet up with a friend after lunch and go in on a a Sam’s membership with her. Hoping I’ll get a lot of use outta that – there’s a location that’s very convenient in my guy’s town that I think we’ll use a lot. Maybe they’ll even be cheaper on some pool supplies, who knows.

It’s amazing that it seems like everyone on Facebook is at or going to the beach. I’ve got such beach fever that I’m literally on fire. Good thing I have my favorite beach cams for an (albeit temporary) fix.

Back to the weekend, peace!!


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