To each his own. To me my own.


I don’t much believe in coincidence. I think it’s a rare if ever instance where something happens that doesn’t have meaning behind it. Now I know that’s just my opinion, but ya have to admit that way of thinking does make life a bit more interesting. Keeps the ole’ brain active. Anywho, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

It’s raining to beat the band this morning. Thunderstorms arrived late yesterday, and the rain has been torrential at times. It’s supposed to continue throughout the day today, and the area’s in bad need of it so I say bring it on.


You could never have convinced me a year ago that this ole’ girl would turn country – but that’s exactly what has happened. Although I still love my alternative, I have my radio set to the two local country stations 24/7. Hell I even sleep to it.

Back to coincidence. So I’m driving in to work this morning in the torrential rain and the song Water by Brad Paisley comes on. Here’s a guy who must heart the wet stuff just as much as I do. You’ve seriously got to watch this video… not only is it a terrific song but it’s probably the most ‘fun’ video I’ve ever seen!!

Watch it here!!

**Brad Paisley is seriously hot in it too… OMG… he SO reminds me of my own guy… WOW**

Yeah when that summer sun starts to beatin’ down
And you don’t know what to do
Grab your swimming trunks
Ice up that old igloo
Drive until the map turns blue

This is a song I can go to my happy place with. Come along song, and travel with me to my happy place. You can come too, Bradley. JK, I’ll bring your stunt-double instead, the best guy in the universe.

All you really need this time of year
Is a pair of shades
And ice cold beer
And a place to sit somewhere near


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