To each his own. To me my own.

Danger ahead, matey…

I don’t understand life sometimes. Although I’m well aware that all of us are different, I simply fail to understand people’s rational on some decisions they make. Or, failure to make decisions.

I was advised a long long time ago ‘you’d better look out for yourself, because no one else is gonna do it’. That old saying is true in most cases. I say in most cases because, well, if you have someone in your life who really loves and cares for you deeply, THEY WILL look out for you. That’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway.

At times I feel the entire world is going nuts. Or, maybe it’s me that’s going nuts and everyone else is just sitting back watching the show. In any case – you cannot live other’s lives for them, nor can you interfere. Where’s the fine line between giving good advice and interfering? Who knows, and there again, everyone’s perception on this is different.

When it comes to a loved one, if you saw something disastrous lurking in the background, would you confront them with it? Warn them, try to give advice? If you were on the receiving end, would you as the loved one being warned actually heed the advice? Or perhaps take offense to it, perhaps thinking this person doesn’t believe you’re intelligent enough to handle your own problems – a problem that hasn’t even arisen yet anyway?

When you care a great deal for someone, the choice can be tough to warn of an inevitable danger that lies ahead or keep your mouth shut. If not prepared, when the inevitable does happen – your loved one usually ends up being caught in a tight spot with either time, money, or a combination of things NOT being on their side.

I’ve definitely had to learn the hard way myself on this. I’m sorry to say, even in recent times, that it’s taken me way longer than it should have to open my ears and listen, I mean really pay attention. I’ve had to take a crash course. My Mother and my Daughter have taught me more this past year than I could ever begin to write here. I have a Mother who is wise beyond her years and a Daughter who’s maturity for her age is amazing. Even having said this, do you know how hard it can be to take advice from your Mother and your Daughter? No offense to either of them, I love them both more than life itself. Once I started really listening, it became evident to them. It created a bond of mutual respect, and perhaps in turn, lent slightly more credibility to my own advice to them.

Bottom line, you don’t have to heed advice, any or all of it. But if the loved one that’s giving you the advice is reputable enough that you trust them, at least listen to them, instead of arguing your point from the very beginning. With your open ears, and open heart… just listen – and they will know you are listening.

But if, with your closed mind, you rebuke the person enough times – your message will have been delivered. Which is, what they have to say just isn’t worth listening to. The kind of damage this causes can be irreparable.


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